Remember The Hills Part 2


A/N: Kokoro-san's style and writing skills are very difficult to mimic and master because it is so unique, however I tried my best (so cut me some slack here), . Enjoy!!

Water Kokoro's comment: Review this remix! it's goods


Do you remember the hills?

Of our childhood friendship?

The flowers would dance

To the peaceful winds

And the river was so clear

That I can still taste the cool water

Gently drizzling upon my throat


The sun always shined

It's golden ray

As we would hold hands

And run across the field

We would always stare

At the tall hills

Wondering when the

Hills would stumble


Few years passed by

And we grew further apart

Then we quit talking

Yet I visit the field ever so often



But I'm still sure

That you remember

The hills of our broken friendship


once again thanks.