Black Butterfly

Chapter 01 – Identity

Full Summary:

People have always told her she looked a lot like Aki, who was the lead singer of a popular rock band. By a chance encounter, they met each other. A lost brother and sister once again united. However, their reunion was short-lived as a tragic accident befell them. As she awake from her one-month coma, Yuu is told that she had died in the accident. She was no longer Yuu, but rather Aki – her twin. Threatened into submission, Yuu has no choice but to pose as her brother. This means cross-dressing and performing as a singer (imagine her delight for she has a fear for public speaking). To make matters worst, Aki has many enemies who wants him dead...

The walls were falling. Falling all around her. She heard it, felt it rather than saw it... she was terrified.

It was dark; the blackened fumes hindered her sight. But the sounds were deafening. She could clearly hear the boom after the walls fell, the snap and crackling of the flame, the muffle shout of people... they seemed so far away.

It was hot, burning hot. She felt she was in an oven... but that was the least of her concerns right now.

"Help me..." She tried to shout, to get help, to let others know that she was here but the words fell out of her mouth weak and breathless.

With every passing second, her world became a little darker. The smoke was choking her; she would be out of air soon. She sank as close to the ground as she could because she found the air there just a little bit fresher and that little bit of difference meant the world to someone who was desperately seeking air.

She tried to crawl away from the roaring flames; well at least where she thought the flames were... she couldn't see very well. Her arms and legs were shaking... she was tired, dizzy and terrified.

She was dying.

Coughing all the way, she struggled to pull herself across the ground away from the fire.

"Help me..." she breathed.

She knew there was a very slim chance she could survive. The flames had encircled her. There was just too much material around; the greedy fire ate away quickly and hungrily.

It seemed very unlikely that someone would come and help her. After all, nobody knew she was here...

There was a very slim possibility she would survive. The flames were swiftly closing in and she had nowhere to go. Her air supply was rapidly decreasing in the smoke filled room. If the fire doesn't kill her, the smoke definitely will.

Silently lying there, she concentrated on her breathing. She had given up all hope when a blurry shape found its way into her line of vision. It was coming towards her and although her sight was hazy, she knew it was a human and judging from its shape, it was a male.

A violent surge of emotion flickered inside her. Someone was coming to her! Someone had come to save her.

But even as these thoughts formed in her mind, she knew it was too good to be true.

Was she hallucinating? Maybe. For he moved through the fire as if they were nonexistent.

Impossible, for a human.

But she was willing to take a chance, she was willing to try. After all, lying here would also lead her to her demise.

As the person calmly walked towards her, she tried to crawl towards him by forcing her numb body to move. Her head was pounding and she was starting to see black blotches.

The person stopped a few inches in front of her. She reached out her hands and clasped them around his left ankle. "Please, help me." She whispered.

Ignoring the pain, she forcefully tilted her head upwards and saw...


She could not make out his face save his mouth. It seemed as if a cloud of blackness enshrouded his head like a mask. All she could see was his mouth.

He stood there motionlessly watching her and she silently returned his gaze. She did not know how long they stayed like that but then suddenly she realized...

But the second her realization took place, the roaring fire came back and the smoke chocked her once again. It seemed as if the world put on pause was playing again.

When she and the stranger were gazing at each other, it seemed as if a transparent blanket had descended upon them and embraced them. Isolating them and acting as a shield against the roaring fire and smoke.

It was like being in another place; another reality.

But the second her realization took place the shield crumbled and she was back with the roaring flames.

She watched while coughing as the person kneeled on one knee and placed one hand under her chin, tilting it upwards. His hands felt like ice, it burned her just like the heat from the fire. He brought his head closer to hers as his thin mouth slowly stretched upwards, forming a smirk. They stared at each other, their faces only inches apart. And then suddenly, he withdrew his hand and walked away.

"Ugn..." She tried to shout in protest after recovering from the shock but her voice gave away.

"Noooooooo!" She thought crawling towards the person frantically. She couldn't let him get away... she couldn't...

"Help me..." she tried to shout but the person ignored her and the distance between them continued to grow.

This is so cruel she thought, This is so cruel... She continued to climb towards him; she crawled and crawled until she collapsed due to exhaustion.

Having wasted all her energy, she laid there on the floor and watched helplessly as he completely disappeared.

She closed her eyes, concentrating solely on breathing. But there was no more air. She could no longer breathe. And when she opened her eyes, she realized that she could no longer see either.

The fire had finally caught her.

She felt hot. She felt like a thousand needles were prickling her skin. The flame ate away at her like a flame to a candle. It was agonizing. She felt it was slowly gobbling her up, what felt like eternity was in fact only seconds in reality. But the pain slowly subdued and although she was still burning, she no longer felt it.

She suddenly felt very safe and secure as the darkness enveloped her. Slumber was calling to her and she obediently subjected...

While amidst the burning red sea

With a twist in our journey

That came so unexpectedly

I became you and you became me

A solitary figure lay on a white covered bed in a white covered room. It was a simple room, with a single bed and chair as furniture. There was a large window located on the wall opposite to the door. The curtains were half-drawn, allowing sunlight to stream into the otherwise dark room.

A constant beeping sound penetrated the silence at regular intervals. It came from a machine located to the right of the bed. Various tubes were attached to the sleeping figure. Some were leading to the machine while others led to an IV.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the other side of the window and the window was slowly slid open, revealing a lengthy male with light hair. His hair glowed slightly in the sun, giving him an unearthly appearance.

Climbing smoothly through the window, he landed gracefully in the white walled room. A large grin graced his handsome face and his dark eyes beheld a mischievous glint; he seemed quite pleased with himself.

He walked quietly towards the still slumbering figure and gracefully plopped himself down in the only chair in the room. He examined the person lying on the bed and his eyes softened. He raised a hand and gently brushed back the slumbering figure's silky, long bangs.

The person did not stir.

The beeping continued to sound steadily.

Sighing, the handsome male withdrew his hand and slumped in the chair. His eyes never leaving the face of the lying figure.

The person on the bed possessed feminine features. It was hard to tell the actual sex of the figure. It was either a young woman or a very feminine-looking young man.

The slumbering person did not possess astonishing beauty and looked rather thin and pale,probably due to the lack of proper intake of nutrition.

Suddenly footsteps echoed in the hall, startling the handsome male that resided in the chair. He quickly stood up, silently strode to the window and gracefully leaped out.

It was a short fall from the window and as soon as his feet encountered the grassy ground, he ran. Gin has yet to be caught by the guards and he wanted to keep it that way.

His friend was not allowed any visitors. His room is heavily guarded so the only way Gin could visit him was by stealthily climbing through the window. So isn't Gin glad that his friend resided on the first floor of the hospital.

His friend has been unconscious for nearly a month. Someone had purposely started a fire. It burned down his apartment complex along with the rest of the building. Aki, his friend, had been the lucky few that escaped. However, he had inhaled too much smoke and thus now lies in a coma.

His sister – Yuu, who had been visiting him, had unfortunately perished in the fire.

Gin went to her funeral, although he had never met her before, and was quite amazed to discover that Aki and his sister looked exactly the same. Sure, they were identical twins and Aki had always been small for his age. He also possessed feminine features but to look exactly like his twin was amazing, considering they were of different sexes.

Gin and Aki was childhood friend and yet he had been oblivious to the fact that Aki had a twin until he was notified of Yuu's death. He thought that it might've been a sick joke or something so in order to verify, he went to her funeral. Oh boy – was he surprised!

He'll have to ask Aki about his twin once he awakens. And yes, Aki will awaken. Gin had no doubt about that.

Why? He had no idea. Call it a gut instinct.

If Gin hadn't been so focused on escaping; if he had turned to look back, he would've noticed that the slumbering figure's eyes had fluttered open.
The first thing Yuu saw when she opened her eyes was white, blinding light. And so she quickly shut her heavy eyelids again. When she reopened her eyes, a fuzzy image of the room flooded into her eyes and in her peripheral vision, she saw someone with silvery-white hair leap out of the window.

Weird? Definitely.

Was it real? Yuu wasn't sure.

Her vision was blurry and she had no idea where she was. Looking around the unfamiliar room, Yuu searched for her glasses... but found them no where in sight.

Yuu frowned, how was she to see without her glasses? The constant squinting and the blurry images were starting to give her a headache.

The sudden turning of the door knob caused Yuu to redirect her attention. The door opened to reveal two people – one male and one female. They looked quite startled to see her awake.

The male approached her first. When he got close enough, Yuu noticed that he looked quite old and weary and was undoubtedly a doctor. He wore a kind smile and asked her how she was doing before starting to examine her.

The whole process took at least twenty minutes. When he was finally satisfied, he told Yuu that he would visit her again before exiting the room and leaving Yuu alone with the woman.

Once the doctor left, the woman approached Yuu carrying a briefcase. She also wore a smile but it was anything but kind.

"I hope you're feeling well." She said to Yuu. She had a deep voice and as she said this, she surveyed Yuu and a look of disgust stretched across her face. "It a good thing you finally awakenedd. If you had slept any longer, we might've... disposed of you."

Noting the look of confusion that graced Yuu's face, the woman laughed. It was a high pitched laugh; harsh and cold. Yuu involuntarily shivered.

"Let me ask you this. Who are you?" As the woman said this, she also handed something to Yuu which Yuu discovered to be her glasses.

Putting on her glasses magnified the room and placed everything in focus once again. Looking at the woman, Yuu noticed that she was vaguely familiar. She was... the producer of her brother's band but Yuu couldn't recall her name.


"Let's not focus on me just yet. I asked you a question, reply." The woman answered sternly.

"Yuu –"

"Wrong. You are not Yuu Valance. Your name is Aki Faye. You're currently sixteen years old and you are the lead singer for the band Inferno. You are –"

"No! That's not it! That's my brother you're talking about. Not me."

"Yuu Valance is dead. You've now become Aki Faye."

"You want me to... pose as my brother?"

"No. I want you to become him... just as he has become you."

"If... if you say that Yuu is dead then..."

"Yes, that is correct. It is unfortunate that he died in that fire. But our company has put too much money and effort into him. I have put too much time and effort into perfecting him to let him go like this. And thus, you will have to do in replacing him."

"But I'm not my brother..."

"You will become your brother."

"What you're suggesting is impossible! It's absurd. It'll definitely fail. We're completely different people and I'm a female! Somebody will discover –"

"For now, you will have to do."

"But I... What makes you think I'll agree to it?"

"Do you know how troublesome your brother is? Do you know how much trouble he causes and how much money we had to pay for his debts? If you don't want his debts to be transferred onto you then you will agree to my proposal."

"But that's my brother's –"

"As long as you're related, you cannot escape. And the ones after your brother are definitely not nice people..."


"I will visit you again, Aki. Please don't do anything stupid. After all, we wouldn't want anything horrible to happen to your family now, would we?"


"Goodbye Aki. Remember to eat well. We can't present you to the public whenyou look like awalking skeleton." And with that, the woman exited the room, leaving Yuu the only occupant in the room again.

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