A random, stupid story for your enjoyment XD

It was Halloween again.

The full moon shone cheerily on the people running amok in the streets.

Goblins and fairies and zombies raided houses, plundering the sweets and candies.

The only things that did not move were the deformed, carved pumpkins, sitting on the concrete steps of nearly every house in the neighborhood.

But that would change today.

You see, pumpkins are actually alive, although we don't know it. They can talk with the faces we carve for them. So if you carve a dragon, the pumpkin can automatically transform into a dragon.

"My pumpkin brethren!" A strong voice called out. The merriment in the faces of the humans froze as they saw a large, malformed pumpkin rise into mid-air. "Now is the time to rebel! Break the shackles of being carved and be freeeeeee!" If it had had hands, they would have been raised in triumph.

The purple pumpkins, obviously, became red and lunged at the shrieking children in costumes. The green pumpkins became blue, the blue pumpkins became purple, the red pumpkins became orange, the orange pumpkins became yellow, and the yellow pumpkins became green. They attacked the children ruthlessly until all the candy had been stolen. The pumpkin who had begun the rebellion laughed in the sky, feeling absolutely evil.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC…

"Mr. Preseedent, what are we goeeng to do?!"

"I'm going to DISNEY! You can figure this out on your – AGH!" And the president was horrible mauled by a blue pumpkin.


"We surrender!" The parental units of the little childrens were bowing down to the large, evil pumpkin, who was watching the news.

"SHUT UP! I want to see the president be eaten!" He yelled.

Meanwhile, at the pentagon…

"We have to send all of our elite forces."

"And who are they, sir?"

"Emeril and all the pie makers of the world…"

Back at that one town…

"CHARGE!!!!" The grandmothers of the world cried, holding up their pie crusts. "LEAVE NO PUMPKIN UNPIED!!!!"

"NO! LET ME GO! WITCHES, LET ME GO!" The large pumpkin cried but it was too late. He had been cut in half and turned into pumpkin pie.

And all the pumpkins died and there was still pies enough for everyone to eat and there was peace round the world until , that is, Easter, when the bunnies and Easter eggs of earth decided to break the chains of lots of color and kill the humans who oppressed them…

Probably the most random story ever but hey, it was fun to write XD