Chorus 1

"Attention, attention all"

Enter Lord of Lust stage left

"I am the Lord of Lust

All are comfy I trust

I rule all pleasure that is temporary

And my rule gives way to my brother

The Lord of Perversion"

Enter lord of Perversion

Stage right

"I am the Lord of Perversion

I love all who cannot live life

But can fantasize about

The corruption that can



In themselves."

Exit both Lords

Chorus 2

"Well is life not fine

you have met two of the meanings

of humanity, but who are small to infinity."


"Is it not strange in this show

we call life

that genres are filled in by nature

and that so many possibilities lead to one

is it not strange

that your eyes see

and not your soul

is it not strange that everything that is

is not somewhere else"

Enter speaker

Speaker lifts cloak to revel our good friends Manic and Depressive

"Good day

I am Manic

And I am Depressive

The two ailments

Based off what you call




We represent a certain constant set

Well at least in your reality

And when the show is finished






Exit stage right Manic and Depressive

Chorus 1

"It has been quite obvious

that the seven gates of Requim

shall be disclosed

to those in our little theatre of dreams."

Chorus 2

"But what are dreams, but realitys that fall away sooner

Is the universe?

Not a dream God?"