Hey all you readers who have been waiting so paitiently for me to finish this damned story!!! I'm so sorry that it's taking so long. I reached a point where I didn't know what to do. I really love these characters, but there was just something about them that didn't seem right. Here's what I'm planning on doing. I'm writing a new story (no don't scream just listen) with these characters. I'm going to wrap up this story and then my new story will be a continuation of this one. This will kind of be a "how it all started/ how Lila and Collin met". My new story will feature them as adults who have come together again after… well after what happens in this story. (you have to read to find out, yes, I know, I'm a heinous bitch) This will kind of be like a novella-intro to the real thing. I'm so sorry if this upsets any of you. I have to do what I can to move the writing process along.

So! I'm going to write another chapter for this story by next week. After that there should be a couple more chapters to give "Hard to Love" a since of completeness (is that a word?). I'll let you guys know how I'm coming with the main story and get back to y'all soon. I haven't forgotten about you, or this story and I really do appreciate all the support. I also hope that no one is too upset!!!!!

Love Love Love,

your author.