It is a feeling

An odd contortion of one's voice

That leads to the odd possibilities

And rises up a slight interference

And defiance

That rises up the spirit

And crashes it down

A feeling of putrid

Topped off by a double shot of adrenaline

And the double view

From a car wreck

For awhile I am just apathetic

Then I am angry for being emotionless

Then I get depressed from being angry

Then I decide it is not too fun

And become apathetic again

Rinse wash and repeat

Chop of their heads

Hang 'em in a row

Life than cry

Manic and Depressive

Are my buddies?

Beelzebub likes to sing

And poison has a tendency to sting


Is Revelations right?

Did some form of rapture occur?

And leave me behind?

Well if it did

At least I have time to write