The mist covered the moor. It was long and wide, and no one had ever ventured across it before. There were tales of a vicious demon that killed any who crossed its path, and there were none who came back from walks on the moor. That is except for one young woman...

"Yami! You come back here this instant!" A voice pierced the air. It was the young girl's mother. Yami had run off again for a walk on the moor to dodge her daily chores. She was the daughter of a poor family and had only one brother. He was older than she, and had a job in the village to take care of his young sister and his parents. Yami was left to handle the house work. However, at seventeen, Yami still wanted to run the moor and be wild. She had no friends because she was the only one around. No other families wanted to live so near the moor. But the land was cheap and her parents had taken it.

Yami meandered across the moor. The skies were stormy, but her brown eyes were bright. Her skirts swirled around her feet and she ran to her favorite hill. There she laid down and breathed a large sigh. She loved being out here.

"Yami... Yami... I'm waiting for you..." An voice echoed across the moor. It was familiar to Yami. She had heard it all the time, and it seemed to draw her back to the moor. She had heard it somewhere else, but she couldn't place where. "You must come back tonight... I'll be waiting for you, Yami..." The voice faded and Yami knew it wouldn't say any more. She got up and figured that her mother would never sleep tonight if she had chores to do. And how would she sneak out then?

With a slight bounce to her step she left the moor. Later that night she would return for the solution to this mysterious voice.

Yami slipped out the back door of her small home. Her family was within, resting. She had bundled up enough to keep the cold out, but she was still free to move. Yami ran as fast as she could out of sight from her house, and into the shadowy moor. The grasses swayed in the wind, though the mist wasn't moved by it. Yami knew that whatever would happen would happen on her hill. It was just meant to be. Her feet felt the incline and she stopped when she felt that she was at the top. Her eyes scanned the moor. "I'm here!" Yami called. There was no answer. "I'm waiting for you!" Yami said, a bit down hearted. She had hoped that something would happen right away. She wasn't one for waiting.

"I've waited so long to see you..." A voice said. A tall figure walked out of the mist. Yami instantly recognized the voice.

"It's you! From my dreams! I knew you were too real to be a dream. Have you been visiting me in my dreams?" Yami asked as she ran forth to embrace the man whom she had waited for so long.

"Yes. I knew when I saw you that you were special. It just took us both a while to realize how it was." They were now both embracing and smiling. The world seemed to be at peace for them, and it was. Yami had never been so happy as when she realized that the man she loved was real. It had never occurred to her that he was real. After all, most dreams aren't, right?

"As for the "monster of the moor" he was never seen again, nor was Yami. Her disappearance was contributed to the "monster," and less went to the moor than before. But on some nights in the taverns when the embers are the only light, the tale of the moor goes around. It so says that you can still hear the laughs of a young woman, and after hers, a man's. They always seem so happy that you can only wonder what happened to the young maiden and her love...