666 words because of you

666 words that say fuck you to

666 words to say my distress at the world

666 words because I never really liked society

666 words

one 6 after another 6 after another 6

666 words for that little prick bitch

with the I'm not a pagan shirt

666 words not for satan

666 words just against the church

666 words against you soap box standing

accusation hurling

eternity predicting

acceptance blocking

gay bashing

dumb asses

666 words just for him and you

666 words that bounce of the corners of the ghetto

and are sold in the newspaper

Funny that non-accepting numbers

are what plea for acceptance

from you bible thumping

sermon serving

blind sighted



little bitches

who label society for some guy hanging on a cross

666 words that go straight to you

those who say

you are sick

drawing all of them dead people

when all you do is ooo and aww at a dead man

and paint him

and hang him all over your walls

well hooray hooray

there are lot's of cool Christians out there

so ignore these 666 words

there not for you

there for the zealots

the crazy

the nut jobs

the Lord of the Forest

Extremist is such a awful


And by duty of moral obligations

Yes the author of these 666 words has morals to

To spite extremes

For all danger

Steams from extremities

Haha I made a funny

Well I hate your influence on society

I hate your little prick bitch

Southern Living bullshit

I don't give a shit about what you think

Of my Evil Dead t-shirt

666 words and my rant is done but I have barely passed the number


so lets continue shall we

I don't like your politics

Or influence on society

I don't like your mission trips in the ghetto

That I went to 6 months 6 days and 6 hours ago

I don't like your 3 hour sermons

I don't like your amen's

I don't like your dancing congregations

Or those 5 foot plasma screens that display your

Uncreative lyrics to praise your god

666 times and again

I am not interested

In you threat throwing

Brain washing

Thought controlling

Little Sunday school

I don't like your domination of Hindus

Because they are easy converts

666 every minute

I don't like when you think you are better

I don't like when everything must involve God

I don't like your holy wars

I don't mind your thoughts

I just don't want them

So get them away I don't want them

So I am giving you 666 short words to express

My extreme distaste for the scrubby kid

Who carries his bible in his backpack

666 words for those Christ huggers who rule the school

all these words for your stupid movies like the Passion of the Christ

which you swear is real

666 for all of you who say my good friend H.P Lovecraft is from the devil

666 for those who scream about hell

I don't believe in it

So stop your threats

Not every good American is a Christian

666 words that consider it a compliment when you call someone a Christian

as opposed to merely stating there faith

once again at 538

I remind

I don't have a problem with your faith

Or Christians

Just understand yours is not the only view

That there are other gods worthy of society

6 6 6 for all of you who preach of humbleness

but keep money that is merely from donations

what congregations that have more than they need

then bitch about poverty

These words are for all of you

Who are a little over zealous

666 words of literary magic

That make me laugh at those who cross themselves when they

Read this poem

Just 26 more

Then I have let you know

All I need to get of my chest

So please see my point

666 words of faith