Is it Possible?

I don't know which way I'm falling
Is it possible to be the only one?
Should we travel life's road knowing only that,
In this world, we are merely another customer
Another mindless play thing of Fate
Who twists us this way and that for her enjoyment
Is it possible to be the only one
Who knows the Apocalypse?
That one simple sign of a wrong portrayal
Can end the world?
Of the end of simplicity and
The beginning of sameness
One horrible sameness that disregards individuality
Like a gum wrapper on the ground?
Is it possible to be the only one
Who can only see the hatred in people's eyes,
Yet see the caring side at the same time?
Is it possible that my only wish
Is to be accepted by the one who I walk next to
Every day of my life?
To befriend the ones who seem unreachable to you
That is my only wish
Could there be another who shares it?
My endless mind of everyone
And no one
At the same time?
Now, I should think...