Wandering in the rain
I'm soaked and I don't care
Because I'm wandering and happy
And the light pours down on me
Just as well as the rain
Because it's trying so hard to penetrate
This could of despair that covers my soul
I smile gently and send it on its way
For I am soon to be a lost cause
I walk the path of unknowingness and dark thoughts
Love has not yet found me, for death is stronger than life
And not even love can penetrate sometimes
So I wonder whether or not he's watching
Whether or not he still loves me
And I turn away, looking at the empty streets that show nothing but despair
And I remember my Apocalypse
I got my wish, but Death came as a disease
To which I was immune, and took away all joy
The trees are dead and the birds cease to sing
Covering the ground are their decaying bodies
From which I turn away
The water is filled to the brim with dead fish
And the stench is horrible
There is no one around
My family is dead, their sorrows relieved
And my friends who knew not my mind are gone too
It was long and painful
But I continue to live in this life
Because I cannot suffer the blade of death
Nor the wings of true happiness
I knew it was coming
But nay a cure
So the rain will wash me clean of these sorrows
I weep in sudden despair
And I cry,"Leave me not, O Darkness great!
Thy power do well to rest here, for none will arrive but I,
And those and thine shall reside here evermore.
Call I not on powers of Light, who hath forsaken me.
Take me under thy wing's shadow, that I might please and be free from this.
Call I upon thee... To find Hope's release..."
And so Darkness came