The Sarian

Chapter 19: Breakfast Chat

After talking with Keno on the floor Corinne took a shower and then got into bed, Keno was already asleep in his own room. Every time she would close her eyes to try to fall asleep she would picture Keno after she told him that she liked him earlier that night. It wasn't often that she made a guy blush; usually she was the one doing the blushing.

Once she had told them he just said, "Oh." Then they sat there on the floor for a few minutes smiling at each other until he broke the silence with, "Let's get some sleep and talk tomorrow."

That night Corinne had a dream that she was back living at her parent's house and they were cooking a really large egg breakfast for the whole family. They also had bacon, biscuits, sausage, and pancakes. She ate and ate but no matter how much she ate she was still hungry.

Her stomach growled so loud that it woke her from her dream. "Oh man, that dream was so good I can still smell the bacon." She rolled out of bed; she was wearing one of the extra long t-shirts that Keno had given her to use. She marked a dash through the four slashes on her note pad, 5 days. Then she changed into a pair of black pants and a pink halter top. On her way to use the bathroom she heard something in the kitchen, it was Keno cooking breakfast. "Oh, no wonder I was dreaming about food." She walked out in the living room and looked over the breakfast nook; there was standing shirtless Keno cooking some breakfast. "Yummy," she said under her breath.

Keno turned, "Good morning."

"Keno, you're usually gone by now, what's up?"

"Last night I asked Calin if he would take care of things for me today, I needed a little break."

"Do you need any help?"

"I'm fine, you can just relax. It will be ready soon."

Corinne cleared off the dinning room table even though Keno had said he didn't need help, and then she sat down at the table and relaxed. He brought the food over to the table and it was delicious. The meat tasted a lot like bacon, the other foods were also good, but she really didn't know what they were. As they ate Corinne flipped through the notebook of questions she wanted to ask. "Keno, what made you decide to land on Earth?"

"We were in search for the remains of a ship that disappeared thousands of years ago; we last tracked it to your galaxy. My ship picked up on all of the activity happening on Earth and at first we thought maybe our ship had crashed there. Then we discovered you Earthlings and we started to study your planet. You'd be surprised how much I know about your planet."

"Really, how long were you studying us?"

"For about ten months before I landed to try to talk to your leader."

"At least you knew a little about Earth before going there. I am going to know nothing about your planet when we land there. I'll feel so out of place."

"Well, I haven't been there is 100 years but I can tell you what it was like when I was last there. It is an amazing place. Our planet is small compared to Earth, but it has been around a lot longer. Most of the buildings are skyscrapers. Unlike Earth we do not have a lot of grassy areas or farm land. We actually have a small neighbor planet which we use to grow all of our food. Earth has cars; we have similar transportation except ours fly. If your apartment is on the 75th floor of a skyscraper you can fly to your garage which is also on the 75th floor, no elevators needed. Also since the planet is so small a lot of us live on space ships like mine. We land for food, to visit family, shop, or find work; but spend more of our time in space. Enough about my planet though, you'll see for yourself in a few days."

"They are probably very excited that you are coming home."

"Yeah, now that I have finally convinced them I am still alive. Keenya the current leader is the granddaughter of the leader 100 years ago. Keenya's grandmother was my sister, which makes Keenya my great-niece I guess."

"You had a sister. Was she younger or older?"

"She was my twin, younger by two minutes."

"Wow a twin; did she have your wild red hair?"

Keno laughed at her question, "She had long wavy red hair. Wait, I have a picture." He got up from the table and grabbed the small photo album he had in his room and brought it back to the table with him. "Here, this is my sister. Her name was Iris."

Corinne admired the picture of the beautiful red haired girl; she had many of the same features as Keno including the color of hair and eyes. She was posing for the picture in a long golden dress and had her long wavy red hair pulled back in a golden ribbon. "She's beautiful Keno." It suddenly dawned on her that he had said something about his sister being the leader, "So your sister was the leader of Sar?"

"Actually co-leader until I disappeared. Normally the leader of Sar is to have one child that way there is no confusion about who will be the next leader. Since my parents had twins they decided that we would co-lead." Keno stood up, "Enough about the politics of my planet; lets clean up from breakfast and then I would like to take you on a date."

"A date?"

"Yeah, if you will be willing to go with me, would you? I know there is no place to really go since we are on a ship, but I was thinking I could take you to go play some games together in the recreation room."

Corinne smiled at him, "Sounds like fun, I accept."

End of Chapter 19


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