Note: This was something I wrote for class. I had to write a poem based on one of several that were given to us, from the perspective of a different person. The poem I choseDrayton's 'Since there's no help, come let us kiss and part'.

What do you mean, 'no help'? It's simple- stay!

Remain here still, I am not done with thee.

You'll lie beside me, waking to the day,

And evening will find you here with me.

You think I do not see you look at her.

Whoever said that love is blind was wrong.

Your eyes traverse her body's curvature.

You never could keep secrets from me long.

Passion, though enticing, does not last,

And you will soon remember what is real.

My love will be as strong and as steadfast,

When siren lips have lost all their appeal.

My love, you've long since missed the chance to flee,

And dead or living, you will stay with me.