Since I have so many other stories going on, this probably wasn't such a good idea, but I really like this story, and I intend to make something wonderful with it. All characters are mine, but the slavery thing is something for which I have Izzy-chan to thank. Inspired by her was slavery, but everything else including plot-line is purely original! The time period is "now," but in an alternate universe. Sort of like my other story Meant To Be, just not AS primitive. Believe it or not, there is no excerpt! So, please enjoy chapter one and hope you'd like more!

Chapter 1 Slavery

Aradon drudged along the trail, his hands dangling out in front of him, cuffed together so tight his wrists were bleeding. The chain attached the cuffs to a large wagon loaded with delicious foods, fine carpentry, and beautiful goods assorted neatly so they wouldn't spill as the wagon tossed about the trail. The long line of people behind him echoed a pained moan throughout the forest. He tried desperately to keep his eyes open while he stumbled over rocks and bumps in his bare feet. He had been walking for days in this herd, stopping no where in sight.

His eyes lifted with ominous contempt to the wagon ahead of him. There were two masters that handled the wagon. One sat in the front, steering the horses, while another sneered upon those walking at the back. She crossed her legs that were wrapped with strings and pulled the hair out of her eyes that had slipped down from her helmet. Her smile was mocking as she viewed the trail of helpless slaves as it had been for days. When the wagon bumped, she fell forward a little bit, her smile disappearing in the shock. But she quickly steadied herself and pulled her black sandals more onto her feet, then flipped her head, the red feather on top of the gold helmet swaying a little. Her battle skirt was iron painted gold, and her (for lack of better word,) pasties were shaped in gold stars with the symbol of her army.

He looked away from her, his feet pained terribly, the open cuts in the bottom of them filled with dirt, stinging and aching from the non-stop travel of the days. The group of them was on their way to the marketplace. Where things from the last village he was at would be traded and sold for high prices because they weren't able to sell at the last village. He was one of them. He had been sold many a time, but each time he would go back to the marketplace once his master got bored with him. Lately it had been tough to sell him because he was tired of everyone telling him that he had to straddle a board, or touch himself in public.

About the only thing that didn't affect him anymore about himself was the nudity. He had been forced to show his body to so many people, being naked in a display line didn't mean anything anymore. It was the undignified acts that disturbed him.

There was a sudden tug on the chain behind him. He turned, and saw the little thirteen year old girl stumble from exhaustion as she fell to the ground. He tried to nudge her to get back up, but she couldn't stand. He closed his eyes for fear of the girl, knowing what would happen to her.

"Get up, wretch!" The master shouted, and raised her whip, then cracked it beside the girl as a warning. She yelped at the warning, but she couldn't stand, and her head hung between her forearms against the dirt. "I said get up!" The whip sounded again, and this time, the girl yelled with it. She tried to stand, but only managed to make it to bent knees. "I mean it! Stand bitch!"

She quickly stood, terrified of the whip. Her face finally lifted, showing the streaks of tears and dirt. Aradon sighed, wishing again that he hadn't entered that saloon when he was thirteen. If he hadn't, then the slave dealer wouldn't have seen him, and he wouldn't be living in hell right now.


Aradon stood straight, keeping his gaze dead ahead, trying to ignore everything around him. The marketplace was crowded with people, all of them staring at the display line with faces of lust and examination.

His line was that of prostitution. The other lines of people were either for housework, tutors, or warriors. So far, no one had been sold, but many pre-auction offers had been made. His price was up to $1200. Everyone was observed thoroughly. Particular attention being paid to that of their most intimate areas. "Ahh! No! Please!"

He turned his eyes to the little thirteen year-old girl, who was being dragged away by a large man in a very nice suit that was stained by brown grease marks around the collar. Sighing, Aradon awaited the next examiner. "Oh my, aren't you a fine specimen?" Aradon heard, the voice high and womanly. He turned to see a tall, lanky woman in a pale yellow dress approaching him, a stick holding her tiny spectacles on the end as she eyed him. "Goodness, you are most exceptional. Oh seller!" She called, bringing over the paunchy salesman that ran the slave section of the marketplace.

"Yes, My Lady Callene?"

"I want to know the price on this one Sherip, he looks very well kept. Is he any good for what his purpose is?"

Sherip tilted to her and said in an annoying sing-song voice, "12,000 madam. And if I may say, as good as you liiike!"

Aradon rolled his eyes. He wouldn't have minded the statement Sherip made so much if perhaps he was incorrect. But long before he was stolen away from his family, he had been known far and wide on his looks alone. His skill had already sent legend of him. Which was the main reason he was stolen away in the first place.

"I'd like to see if he can prove that. Test him for me." She said in a haughty voice.

This, Aradon had been prepared for. He hated getting on that block. He resisted all that he could until he was actually placed on the box so they wouldn't see what they came for. So, when the guards came over to take him to the block, he placed all of his weight in his feet, refusing to be lifted. Two more had to be called over to lift him off the ground. Then three more had to be called to place him on the block as he thrashed about. As they forced his legs apart to straddle the block, he stopped resisting, knowing movement on the block was exactly was she wanted to see.

"Well, come on then lad. Move. Do something!" She took on a forceful tone, but he ignored her, and remained as stiff as the wood beneath him. "Hm…he's a bit feisty. Perhaps I should have him trained. His stance and build is magnificent. Oh! What I wouldn't give to have that."

Aradon angrily bit his lip as he was removed from the block as another slave was tested. If this wench really wanted him, then she would have to be able to best the highest price. But what worried him was the fact that she looked able to do it.


"And, SOLD for $50,000 is lot 11. Thank you My Lady, enjoy." Sherip smiled as he passed over a teenage girl to Lady Margaret of Brown-Hill. "Now, lot number 12, up to the block."

Aradon reluctantly rose from his chair and took short steps so he would stretch the shackles that bounded his feet. At the block, he saw all the fascinated stares as they gazed at his face and body. "Now, as you can see this fine specimen here, only 22 years of age, white teeth, firm body, brown hair, hazel eyes, and for section P." (A/N: For those who can't guess, P for Prostitution,) "We have previous bidding start at 12,000, do I hear 15,000? 15,000, thank you sir! 20,000---20,000 thank you My Lady 20,000! Do I hear---"

He watched the fingers rise for each bid, noting that Lady Callene's fingers went up every other bid. Fright started to weigh on him as the top bidding was on her shoulders as 55,000. It was soon bested by a man at 60,000. He held his breath as the bidding stayed. "$60,000 going once; $60,000 going twice---"

Suddenly, fingers rose. "$65,000! Going once, going twice…aaand SOLD for $65,000 is lot number 12! Thank you My dear Lady! Do enjoy your gift!"

With a push of sadness, Aradon trudged down the block to face his buyer. He felt his stomach do a violent flip-flop as he saw Lady Callene smiling and smirking. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy you!"

Aradon said nothing, merely hung his head, and walked behind her until the handlers clothed him, and removed his chains, shoving him into her carriage. He looked out the side, his mind becoming numb as he faced the inevitable. Aradon turned, looking to the left to find a guard, ready to grab and never let go at any attempt of escape. In the seat in front of him was Lady Callene. His new owner, and the next person to ruin his life.

(The Mansion)

"Get out slave. My maid will show you to your quarters. Later you will be joining myself and my brother to dine. Consider it an honor that I'm letting you set a foot in my dining hall. You will have no official duties until I send for you. I'm debating on whether or not to let you attend my social gatherings. Your appearance would be a blemish upon my reputation. However---"

Aradon paid no attention to her pointless babbling. He was too awestruck by the house. It was amazingly large, and had at least five gables and two chimneys, had several windows and even had two columns to add to the porch. He exited the carriage, ignoring the rain as it dripped upon his oblivious face. "Get moving slave!"

Aradon shook himself out of the trance he was stuck in, and followed Lady Callen inside. Once he had entered the large doors, and shook the rain from himself, he was even more dumbstruck by the beauty of the inside of the house. The chandelier on top was glistening golden light upon the mahogany furniture and red carpet with exquisite designs and stitching. There was a grand staircase just a few feet away from him, and to its left and right were hallways, and there were on either side of him at the entrance.

He bit his lip with excitement. "You have a lovely home Master."

She paused in the process of removing her shawl. "Oh. So you can speak. Too bad, I was hoping you were one of the good ones that don't make noise." As she handed her shawl and bonnet to a nearby servant, she continued to speak. "Oh well, so long as you perform as you should."

Aradon suddenly remembered where he was, and why he was there. With disgust, he observed the atrium again, this time, displeased by all the dust and dirt in it. He sighed, then heard another's voice. "Callene? Oh no, you actually bought someone?"

His eyes rose, and Aradon was stunned by what he saw for the third time that day.