A smile with no good reason

Just a thought of you

Is filling my head


Sometimes I feel stupid

Laughing with just a memory of you

Like a word only I could understand

Just hearing your voice

Hearing you laugh

Even though not with me

Not for me

Still it completes my day

Washing away

The burden upon my shoulders

Making me feel sleepy

But in a good way

Like I could sleep all night

And all day

And not be bothered

As long as I know

That you're okay

I see beauty

Where my eyes could lay

Even though sometimes

The world is grey

Like whatever happens

I'm still lucky

Thanking God

For another day

Such a gift you are to me

My poetry

For how long

I may never know

But I hope you'll remain

Longer than you should


I'd keep you if I could

I know a lot of words

But I was never good at talking

Saying the words and speaking

So you may never hear me say

How much of me

Wanted you to stay

Instead a paper full of words

A pen running out of ink

And a poem written down

Just for you

Is a proof telling how much

I am in love with you.