The old man who runs the grocery store down the street from my home is one of the country's unsung heroes. Over the years he has written down his memoirs, starting from his days as young man come to the big city to seek his fortune, to how he ended up running the grocery store.

I have been fortunate enough to hear some of his memoirs, straight from the man himself. They are very thoughtful and philosophical, filled with human emotion. Tom is an old man, almost eighty years old. This book is dedicated to him.

Recently the government announced that it will launch a new initiative to stop the new breed of international evil-doers within the next year, an initiative similar to the BCTRD of twenty years before.

In 2015, the Cyber-Warrior Training Program (CWTP) was declared a failure. The millions that had been poured into the project, designed to create the ultimate warrior for a future war in cyberspace, had gone to waste.

Naturally, the public was outraged. Their tax money had been wasted and there was much dissent among the political factions. Hundreds of protests and riots erupted all over the country. Our young now study the infamous Chicago Massacre in history class, learning about how and why hundreds of protestors were hurt when police forces tried to break up the crowds.

The official report released by the Bureau for Cyber-Technology Research and Design, better known as the BCTRD, pinned the blame on the mental instability of one of the men trained under the scheme.

The report alleged that the entrant had been mentally unstable. They never found out why he had managed to be admitted into the program in the first place. They said that Rodney Hollis had been schizophrenic and unable to cope with the stresses of being a cyber-warrior. It was never explained how he got through the training process, or how the instructors let his instabilities slip past them.

The door was closed. The project was shut down and the BCTRD turned their attention to other things. They have kept a low profile ever since.

To this day I sometimes think that the events that caused CWTP's closure were foolish and could have been avoided. Sometimes, as I lay awake thinking about my life, I think about ways to have avoided all of what happened. I can't.

It has been two decades since the CWTP or BCTRD were mentioned by anyone. It is time for the public to learn what really happened twenty years ago, what really caused the shutdown of the project.

There was no mental instability. There was no schizophrenia or sloppy screening processes.

Rodney Hollis was perfectly sane. He knew what he was doing when he trapped himself in the battle program so that we could get out alive.