Truth is a whisper

A whisper no one hears

The lies are so deafening

All we see are tears

Fading into the darkness

Truth is now dead

Blind to all of reality

We listen not to what is said


Truth is a whisper

A choice to believe

Trust is taken for granted

As lies are left to relieve

The truth breaks a heart

But the lie leaves us broken

Who should I believe?

Leave all I know forsaken


Truth is a whisper

Hidden by an illusion

I choose not to listen

Prefer all my delusions

Simple truth cuts flesh

As the lies salt the wound

Both paths are a risk

A risk to us newly found


Truth is a whisper

Not heard above all the chaos

Deceit is out middle name

Drowning out truth's sweet music

The truth may be a curse

The truth may taste like venom

But the deadly lies are to kill

They are the true poisonous serum


Truth is a whisper

Only the brave can hear

Cowards hide behind lowly lies

They choose to cover their ears

Silvery truth is so silent

Breaking lies shatter like glass

The truth is so complicated

As the deceitful world goes crash


Truth is a whisper

Its silence seems so wrong

It's hard to live the path you choose

But this path only makes you strong

Truth is a whisper

A whisper that leaves you cold

Listen as carefully as you can

You'll hear it in your very soul


Truth is a whisper

A promise no one keeps

Can you make me believe?

Remove these scars so deep?

There's so much more than me

So much more worth you

As your truth is so silent

And my eyes hold so much deceit…