What's Wrong With Being A Cannibal?

By: graffiti-skies

The court declared me unstable in mind and put me in this mental asylum, where I was to rot for the better part of my life. It is just not possible that I was a mental case for I was a scientific genius, and one with as much brains as I had just couldn't be a lunatic. Once can say that eating the corpse of the man I murdered isn't exactly the sanest thing to do, but is it my fault I loved the taste of juicy human flesh so much?

I had first tasted this sweet meat when my first son had died. It originally started off as an experiment to find out why cannibals enjoy eating members from their own species, or in other words, to find out why cannibals were cannibals. I couldn't kill a full-grown person or a kid just to eat them, and since my son had died due to hemophilia, I thought I might as well use his body for my scientific experiment. I'm a human used to cooked meat, so I chopped my son's thigh, and cooked it in the same way one would cook mutton. The meat was so tasty that within two days, all that was left of the seven-year-old boy was a bag of bones.

The whole idea behind cannibalism suddenly started making sense to me and I came to the conclusion that everyone should be allowed to become a cannibal. Maybe it was that special connection with one's own species that made the flesh and blood seem to have a unique flavor, which was very appeasing to the taste buds. Human flesh was just so juicy, full of a special homely flavor that I found myself craving for more.

I had told the whole world that I was using my son's body for scientific research. Though a few people protested because the body was my son's, in the end everyone was okay with it. This was the only reason as to why I wasn't caught and jailed back then for eating a member of my own species, that too my own son. I personally felt that the loss of my son had been put to good use, as now I finally understood exactly what a cannibal felt. If you cannot understand the rock, then you must be the rock.

It had never been that I felt cannibalism was wrong, as one cannot help it if he has to eat his fellow human being, may it be because of survival, or may it be because of the sweet taste. If we have permission to eat other animals, they why can't we eat our own brother? Many animals out there practice cannibalism. Anyways, everyone has to die; one may as well make good use of the body rather than just cremating it or burying it. To add to that, cannibalism would also do some good in reducing the world's population, after all these days everyone seems to be complaining about the ever-increasing population. You see, just sitting around complaining won't bring you relief, you have to take some action and actually make a difference about things you want to change.

I still didn't understand why I was put into a mental asylum for just killing one person and devouring him. All I wanted to do was find out whether a grown man tasted as good as a little boy, which I found out to be true, they are just as luscious. Plus that man was just a homeless beggar who would have probably landed himself in jail. He seemed to be the type of person who would take to stealing if conditions became desperate enough. I was just making it easier for the court so they wouldn't have to waste time deciding his fate. Also I was doing a favor to him by saving him the torture he would have to go through in jail.

In fact, the man himself told me that he was utterly sick of his miserable life and if things didn't improve in a month, he would jump off a building. I was just bringing an end to him misery before he could himself. If I let him jump off that building, then it would have come on the news. Kids would have watched it, and it would have had an adverse effect on them, possibly tampering with their fragile minds for the rest of their lives. One more homeless off the streets really doesn't make much of a difference, as no one will actually feel his loss, after all he's just a bum…

I still cannot figure out why no one ever jailed the President, who in the form of his war was taking so many more lives than I could ever dream of taking. I just killed one person and ate two people in my whole lifetime. On the other hand, George W. Bush had killed millions, and though he probably didn't eat the dead bodies, he was still an evil murderer in my eyes. Was his war just an official means of committing mass homicide so that he wouldn't be jailed? Was it that just because he's the President, he can do anything and get away with it? If he can take lives and not be put behind bars then why can't I? That too, I'm making good use of the bodies instead of just throwing them away.

No, I am not a mental case, I'm just human, a human who isn't afraid of what the world thinks of his so called "sick" practices. Is it not that everyone has desires, some being too gross to even state? In the same way eating human flesh was once my desire, and when I fulfilled it, I enjoyed it immensely and did it again. Maybe I am wrong, but in that case, the whole world has to be wrong as well.

I'm sitting in my solitary cell, and I find I'm very hungry. I was very lucky I wasn't caught smuggling in this brand new silver knife, blade being about nine inches long. I can hear my stomach rumbling, waiting for some proper food. The gruel they give me isn't enough to fill up my stomach. The doctor will be here in a little while to check on me and probably give me the shock treatment. When he comes, I'll be able to have a proper feast, one that will fill me up completely. I was very lucky I wasn't caught smuggling this knife into this mental asylum…sweet human flesh…


A/N: No, these are NOT my thoughts about cannibalism. I'm totally against it. In one of my weird moods I ended up writing this weird and sick piece…don't take it seriously. Oh, and I'm not too happy with the raw ending, I might change it later…