Is it ever to late?

Chapter 1. The news.

Marie sighed, readjusting her heavy spectacles. "Are you gonna stand there all day?"

The man in front of her grinned, his green eyes twinkling. "Can't I watch you work?"

"No, it's distracting. Not to mention annoying."

A sly smile played around the corners of his mouth. "You find me distracting?"

"Well, could you think with a overgrown ape in the room?"

"Your here and I'm thinking quite clearly, so I don't think it would be a problem."

Well, hadn't she just walked into that one.

She opened her mouth about to say something equally hateful when Honey walked into the room.

"Jared!" Honey immediately embraced Jared in a warm hug. "Marie, you didn't tell me he was here."

"She wanted to keep me all to herself, ain't that right, M?"

Marie stared at her best friend, who despite having emerged from the shower wearing only a pink fluffy towel thought it necessary to disgrace herself even further by touching Jared wherever possible.

Believe me, Marie wasn't exaggerating. Wherever.

Marie frowned in disgust. "So Jar, still single?"

She innocently asked.

If it was possible his chest puffed out even more. Does he think that's attractive? She wondered . I mean really! What kind of hair brained moron would ever...

She caught the look on Honey's face.

Oh, dear!

"Yes, still free and single."

"Oh, don't worry Jar, some day some desperate woman will want to have you."

"Is that a offer Mar?"

Honey giggled, pushing her platinum blond curls away from her face. "What you doing here?"

"Maybe I wanted to see Marie?"

"Sure you don't mean harass and annoy Marie?" Marie slammed her glasses on the table in frustration. Couldn't he just leave? She really had serious work to do. But of course he wouldn't class her work as serious.

He gave her a slow smile. "That too."


Honey patted his shoulder sympathetically. "Don't take it personally, she's always like this when she's writing a new novel. Artistic temperate and all."

"Exactly." Marie's brown eyes flashed. "I get homicidal. Especially when someone I haven't seen for 6 months knocks on my door, asks to see Honey and then spends 20 minutes mutely staring at me while waiting for her to come out of the shower!"

Honey's eyes widened. "You waited 20 minutes for me?"

"I mean can't you see I'm trying to work? Couldn't you have called her? Have you ever heard of a invention called the telephone?"

"Have you ever heard of medication?"

Marie glared.

Why was he even here? He might be Honey's childhood friend but he'd never been hers. When she hadn't heard his name for six months she'd hoped the world had finally granted her wish and he'd dropped dead!

But no, here he was as arrogant and infuriating as ever.

"What do you want?"

At her impatient question, however, the unexpected happened. He turned serious. "I want to speak with Honey."

Realization dawned. "And you can't do that with me here? Right, you want me out of my own flat. Typical. Just typical." Marie started to stand.

"No, it's not that, It's just.."

"Can't you even say whatever it is with me here, anyway? Why can't I know?"

She expecting a comeback about how childish she was acting, instead, his eyes met hers. "Ok, I suppose you can. Everyone will know soon enough."

Marie was confused, Honey looked worried.

"I have cancer. So," he gave a grim smile "looks like you won't need to unleash those homicidal tendencies, after all."

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