In my blood you shall drown,

Descending in the bottomless sea of crimson.

In my bones you shall break,

Defenses of steel giving away.

In my skin you shall tea,

Ripping apart beyond repair.

In my hair you shall falter,

Binds of the past a doorless prison.

In my lungs you shall choke,

The world darkening in you sight.


In my heart you shall bleed,

Feeling the precious life slip away.

In my eyes you shall cry,

My misery becoming yours.

In my tears you shall sink,

Tasting my salty vengeance.

In my mind you shall shatter,

Millions of tainted glass pieces.

In my sanity you shall crack,

Shrieking as madness settles in.


In my innocence you shall crash,

Sampling my endured years of pain.

In my hatred you shall writhe,

Trying to stay afloat in hopeless despair.

In my joy you shall scream,

Voices unheard to deaf ears.

In my fear you shall fade,

Becoming invisible to the world.


In my heaven you shall fall,

Plummeting down to my oblivion.

In my hell you shall burn,

Flames of agony licking you body.


For which you did,

To I it hurt.

Through that you ignored,

In those you abandoned.

This curse I lay upon you,

Shall you suffer as I did.

Exchange my smile,

Call your torture.

With my life be living,

May your death come forth.



A.N.- I honestly have no idea what this is for. I guess I was really hating someone when I wrote this. Kinda goes along with "Sacrifice." I wanted to combing them into one idea but it didn't work.