Fallacious Carousel

I've never hurt anyone before, so how do they make me cry?

Why do you feed me dreams when you can feed me lies?

A mob full of joyous cheers, yet the single jeer still rings in my head.

Don't you hate always getting what you wanted?


The days seem so long, every moment crawls through my mind; simply illegible.

I've never seen the mirror reflect such confusion. I've never understood the way I feel.

You torture me, you test me, you tell me who you are. You ignore me, you implore me, you do nothing at all.

But in the end it doesn't matter. Because tomorrow, I will do the same.


Uncertainty lines every action, but with a single glance it all fades away.

Tormented and yet provoking the crime; the room starts to spin. What don't I see?

Delving deeper into myself, the world clouds over. I try to push it away. When will I finally be happy?


It shined so brightly; only once. But the brilliance dazzled my vision.

So unreliable, so unavoidable, so unnecessary, so unlikely. So unsure. Is this forever?

Ever so rhetorical; a queen made of clay. How many smiles do I have left?


I just need some closure. But then how come I never want this to end?

Suddenly, everything I do makes me lonely. But then why am I surrounded by people?

Why are their smiles so deep? And why doesn't it matter?

In the end, none of it matters. Because tomorrow, you will be gone.