In another life I was a dove

In another life I could have been a dove


within the shrine

of peace.

On my wings

I held the outline of his face,



between the white.

In another life

I swallowed



and screamed out

the madness of it all;


that I would still love you in this body.

In another life

I traced the features of his body

with milky ashen wings

and kissed him

with the touch of my song.

In another life

I came to him

at his window glass

and bit back the cry

of hate

to fall


from his eyes

like raindrops


between the evergreens.

In another life

I slept beside him

amongst the wilderness of the night.

I gave my cry...

I gave my cry to him

and like the dove I sward

above the ocean


the water;

warranting my love

and I watched as he grew

sleeping on the beach to await me.

In another life I was a dove

and I let him curl his fingers around me

his touch


sounding the alarm

in my soul

that he was the one

that I would lie beside,

and die beside.

In another life

I sward above the trees

a cry against the clouds.

I have felt his hands on me for thousands of years.

In another life


I found him

and stayed.

I watched his eyes light



that he recognized it as well.

The evergreens sway


in this storm

as I race to his window again

meant only for him to hold me.

In another life I was a dove,

but now

I found him again.