A Guide to FictionPress:

Writers helping Writers for Better Past times Everywhere


First of all, let me give a fine round of applause to the wonderful staff of FP who keep this site open for everyone to share their moods, senses, and words. Everyone has a story to tell, so tell it right the first time around. Then give all of the people who frequent FP a round of applause as well. Without each other, this whole entire collaboration would be worth nothing. No one would bother reading anything if there was just 'one story to rule them all', right?

Second of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Sarius Nafthian, a creation of my own mind. I exist mainly as a means of looking for writers, reviewers, and anyone else who happens to wander into my self evolved world. If you don't know me, don't worry- soon you shall. And for those who do know me- well, thanks for stopping by! I hope that I can count on your help in getting everyone else to realize that FictionPress is our playground, where words and sentences can have a meaning, or just be totally moronic.

Now that we've gotten the introductions out the way, I want to discuss what this guide is about.

So here's the break down:

About FictionPress

The Rating System

Writer Bios

The Story


Story Content

Posting Stories

The Document Preview Feature

Story Classification

Genre Classification

Editing Feature




These sections have been broken down as Barney-like as possible, so please take no offense if there's something you don't understand. For the purposes of educational enlightenment, we'll be going through each section as outlined above. As of right now, this guide has been compiled for FictionPress use and as a guide for all FictionPress members, old & new.