I decided to alert the wonderful people of FictionPress to this guide, which will hopefully be distributed to newer members of this site. Honestly, I feel that everyone on this site could benefit from this work and that we all could use it to make our works more serious and better for everyone who reads the stories on this site.

This guide will definitely get bigger as I find other areas of FP to address, so if you know of any- let me know, but for now, this has been intended solely as a means of providing helpful information and techniques to our newer members as a start up reference.

In submitting this guide, I hope that it can be used in helping those writers out there on FictionPress who are serious about developing better stories. None of this was meant to critique anyone or make any sniping comments. There were many aspects of FictionPress which weren't covered in the guide, but it wasn't necessary to talk about the whole site- some of it is pretty much self-explanatory.

I would like to thank everyone who has reviewed this guide and left the great reviews for it. Maybe if this guide collects enough reviews and support, it'll be moved to a more permanent place setting for everyone to see it when they first log on the site or something. That'd be a start wouldn't it? So help support this guide by putting it on your favorite's list and let's see what will happen from there.

FictionPress has been my choice for publishing my stories to the web, and I know that in time, I'll probably post more. Regardless of what happens on this site, we all have to be courteous and considerate of each other. It makes things much more simpler.

Good luck to all of you who have read this, I hope that you find much success on FictionPress as you develop your stories and writing talents. Remember, the door swings both ways.

See you around, keep those stories going!