Song in the Moonlight

By: graffiti-skies

The dark of the night quickly fell upon the arms of Mother Earth. The air was calm and warm, much like the usual summer air. The flowers of the valley, as they were termed, had gone to sleep for the remaining part of today, the dark night. The setting sun had left an image in my mind, an image I could reproduce when I looked into the night sky. This summer night seemed to be in perfect harmony with the Godly nature around me. It was the kind of night I had been waiting for all my life.

I got up from under the apple tree, where I had been sitting, and stretched to awaken myself so I could take in the beauty of the night even better, for tonight I not only wanted to feel the night, but wanted to be the night as well. It was peculiar an apple tree was growing in this part of the world considering the fact that it was a coastal are, but I guessed it was one of those Godly miracles. I decided to take a walk to the beach and just sit there and listen to the waves in the beautiful moonlight. This was what I did every time I needed to feel peace at heart, and tonight that was exactly what I craved for.

The only light there was to remove the darkness around me was the silvery light of the full moon. The rays that fell on the dancing grass seemed to make them look like a sea of sharp silver blades, threatening to cut one's leg if they weren't careful enough. There was now a gentle breeze as I walked on under the caring view of the full moon, and it blew my brown curls off my face. I felt peace at heart as I walked into view of the enchanting ocean.

The summer breeze here was louder and warmer than it had been near my house, which was closer to the center of the city. I placed myself gently on the silvery sand, as if I would crush a city if I didn't take care as I sat. The waves of the ocean were at their peak, and their roar was music to my ears. In the distance, I watched the raring silvery-blue waves crash against the jet-black rocks jutting out at sharp angles to the plentiful ocean. I watched the spray of the shattered waves rise in the air, only to drop down again into the unending sea of this divine liquid which we called water.

The roaring waves told a story in their melodious song. The lyrics could only be heard if one concentrated on nothing but the rhythmic motion of the waves as they rose and fell. The song told us of their journey, what they held, and everything each drop of water in that wave went through. The song told us of every boat the wave led to safety, and every boat the wave crashed onto the rocks, shattering completely into unrecognizable shreds of rotting wood and metal. The waves carried in them minute sand particles and shiny black pebbles which were deposited onto the sandy beach where they were to remain either for eternity, or were to be taken back into the furious sea if fate didn't want them to settle. This aspect of being unable to settle due to the game of fate made me think of my own life, which involved so much moving around the country that I didn't know where I would go to bed the next night.

Every sea animal or plant that touched the salty divine waters left behind a line in the lyrics of the beautiful enchanting song of the ocean. If one listened carefully, they would hear the song of the dolphins and whales echoing in the form of background music of the waves. The sway of the seaweed produced a faint murmur, which could be heard at certain intervals, so faint that one's senses had to be greatly magnified to actually catch the brilliant rhythm hidden in the wondrous music. Not only that, but one could even hear the haunting, agonizing cries of the fish as they were attacked and devoured by ferocious power hungry sharks, and trust me, this haunting song was enough to drive one to complete insanity.

Each silver wave, illuminated by the celestial moonlight, told us stories of the moon as well. As the phase of the moon changed, so did the height, intensity, and fury of the waves. Tonight the waves were at their peak, threatening to drown the moon in spite of the fact that it was the moon itself, which gave them the freedom to become so fiery. Yet on calmer, darker nights, the waves seemed to be tied behind silver bars of a jail, unable to show us mortals their full criminal wrath.

The twinkling diamond-like stars in the night sky seemed to be dancing to the tune of the raging ocean. The dance was so organized that it seemed as if the jewels of the sky had been practicing the graceful dance for years, only perfecting every move even further as time went on. The brightest star was the lead dancer, twinkling cleverly to the song of the silver waves, leading the ballet in the night sky to a perfect performance, for the whole universe to ponder over. The dance was so beautiful and original that it was a wonder how come these diamonds didn't sing their own melodic song.

The gentle breeze seemed to capture the song of the ocean and magnify its intensity, spreading the harmonious music all over the enthralling beach. The wind had a song of her own, telling us of the ocean and of lands far away. The gentle howling of the breeze on this moonlit night told the story of the happiness of Mother Earth on this gloriously beautiful night. The song of the atmosphere mingled with the song of the ocean, I am afraid, I cannot describe in words made in the language of mere mortal man. In fact, not even the Angels can describe how mellow this moonlight song sounded as it was in a language that of nature combined with the very essence of God, a language so divine that none could decipher it until dear death came to them, giving their souls a new form of knowledge. It was this knowledge that all philosophers ever to be born had been searching for, it was this knowledge that held the secrets of life and death, it was this knowledge that held the secret to living a perfect life, it was this knowledge that everyone in the world wished to attain, yet no living being ever could.

I had been sitting on the silver sand for what must have been hours. The supreme moonlight illuminated the whole of Mother Earth. The moon was now setting, a sign that dawn was near. In spite of the fact that I had spent so much time on the beach, the song of the captivating ocean and that of the atmosphere weren't complete. Their song was such that it had no end until the very earth that gave birth to them would be destroyed. As for now, it was time for me, a mere mortal, to head home. I got up with a sigh and wondered why I felt so light-headed, as if in a trance-like state of intoxication due to a slight overdose of sweet alcohol. I then realized that I had attained new knowledge, so complex that is basically incomprehensible to the common man. I smiled, knowing something beyond the basic knowledge of mere mortals. I was now above them all, mentally much stronger, much more intelligent. I got up from where I had been watching the ocean and then headed home with this charming song in the moonlight ringing in my ears.


A/N: This was originally a story i wrote for a skool exam...altered it a bit before putting it up. how is it?