Battle of the Gods

It was an era to remember
When the heavens split open with force
The rain came down as Godly tears
As the earth filled herself with remorse

It was a battle never to be forgotten
A battle between Lucifer and our humble Abode
TheAngels and Devils were constantly fighting
All for power over mortal man's code

The lightning was their celestial sword
As the thunder was the clash of sword and shield
Rain was the blood of those sadly slain
Blood-stained was the earth, yet neither would yield

The Angels offered their wings as protection
To save us mere mortals from the wrath of the Gods
The Devils gave us pleasure from their cunning trident
What we decided would make one win the odds

The raging sea threatened to swallow the skies
Leaving us mortals in very deep thought
"Are the heavens a match for hell's wrath?
Or is heaven weaker than we once sought?"

We found ourselves to be an indecisive lot
Unable to decide whether we loved Lucifer or God
One path was right, the other path was not
I was to be the decision maker, into which I was thrust

I stood there silently watching the storm
True was the Angel, yet tempting was the Devil
The battlefield held so much chaos around me
That even the good seemed to hold so much evil

The Devil then came to me in secret
"Beautiful, I'll give you all you want,
Choose me over those cowardly Angels
Or forever over your life I shall gladly haunt."

Yet then came to me the silver Angels,
"Sweet maiden, do justice to mankind.
The Devils can do no more than drown you
They can never give your souls immortal life."

Thus I was shoved into a black cloud of the mind
A clash between my life and that of mankind
If I chose my life, I doomed a million mortals
Yet was their life worth more than mine?

I searched the skies to find my answer
Yet all I saw was the battle of the Gods
Both sides were so caughtup in proving their rightness
That they forgot exactly why then even fought.

Was it worth giving up my life for these greedy Gods?
How could I waste that of a million men?
I sat and pondered as the years flew by
Yet still no decision had I come to till then

Again came to me the Devil, whispered in my ear,
"Enchantress, what takes you so long to decide?
Is it not I who makes the more pleasurable offer?
It is me who should on earth reside."

The golden Angel weeping golden tears came too
"Fair lady, how much more bloodshed should we see?
Will you wait till the heavens are empty?
Quickly do the right and set all souls free."

Alas, the time had come to make a decision
"Oh handsome Devil I choose you not,
Your offer may be tempting, but it is wrong,
I cannot sell the souls of millions to your evil song."

"And shining Angels, nor do I choose you,
As putting my life at stake for a million isn't worth it,
My life means more than anything to me
What is your joy if I cannot be a part of it."

Saying this I turned away from the battle forever
Thus continued the pointless battle of the Gods
Never will they understand the importance of peace
As they'll battle till the end of eternity...


A/N: selfish, arent i?