Keep Your Head Up

When all you see is darkness
And all you feel is pain
I'll be there to hold you
Help you walk the right lane

Someday the night will end
And the sun will shine again
This is a promise I give you
Your wounds I'll someday mend

When you feel lost inside
Search for the healing light
I won't let it blind you
But make it win your fight

Keep your head up high
When all look down upon you
As long as you know you're right
Who can break you, I ask who?

Why do you care if they don't?
Don't let them make you feel torn
Respect yourself, you'll make it through
Don't cry, I'm there, you're not alone

So what if you don't have anything?
As long as you have yourself
We come alone, we leave alone
It's all a matter of spirit, not wealth

It's hard to live the life you choose
Especially if the storm clouds are darkening
But don't worry, you'll make it through
The clouds will lift and the moon will shine on you

So don't give up searching
Searching for sweet silver's door
Because when the darkness lifts
Your cuts will heal, you won't be sore

I'll always be there for you
Through the storm, sunshine, and more
Trust me, I'll help you see the light
Forgive me if I've ever hurt you before...


A/N: i wrote this specially for a couple of my friends who were going through a hard the end, everything will be ok