Chapter 1: Breaking Apart

Kevin's POV

"We were meant to be, weren't we? Kevin please tell me, why did Christopher have to do this, why did he?"

It was so hard to answer Megan, she was weeping in my arms, on my chest. I know she was being tortured deep down.

I said words of comfort, but they didn't seem to have any effect on her.

"You were Megan, the both of you were."

"Were? Kevin? Were? Is there something, something at all that tells you that we were?" Her voice rose slightly. Oops, wrong choice of words!

"Nothing, nothing at all Meg, I mean you are. The pair of you had always been, and will always be together."

She was still sobbing uncontrollably in my arms. Thumping my chest with her fists, hard punching at first then, slowly, became weak, and weaker. It didn't bother me, I just let her.

I hugged her, cooing her to release her emotions, her feelings, and her sadness. She stopped, and I knew her anger had resided.

"Why did Christopher do this Kev? Why did he? Didn't he think that it will hurt me so?

"Maybe he dropped it, and, well… she picked up, you know how much she loves to have Chris."

Oh Megan! Why must I see you like this? You were always happy. Always.. And we, we had always been close. It could have been us, why choose Christopher, you don't deserve to be hurt like this; with me, you wouldn't be suffering at all!

"Kev, what would I do without you…?" she whispered.

That sent warmth throughout my body. She has stopped crying, but I still held her in my arms. Her cheeks were still wet. I pulled out my handkerchief and dried her tears, and pulled her in my arms again. She didn't object, I rubbed her back to sooth her, and it did my intentions, to relax her.

"I'm sorry you have to see me like this. Oh, Kevin thank you.. Thank you for always being there, for being like a brother."

Ouch! A brother? Though I had long accepted this fact, it still hurts. But I've got to respect it, that's how she feels for me. But to me she's more than that, I love her. But I can't bring myself to tell her that, and I believe that she doesn't need to know, for now, because she is in pain, and I can't bring myself to add another depression. And I never will tell her for as long as she loves Christopher, which will be eternity.

Megan now tiptoed, she reached my cheek and gave it a wet peck. I locked her in a tight embrace, and in turn dipped her forehead with my loving kiss, of which, the receiver will never know, was of endless passion.

She tapped my back; it was a signal. I let go of her, reluctantly. She sat on the bench, the cold wind ruffled her hair. She touched the space beside her, and looked meaningfully at me; I sat down.

The silence was deafening, but the atmosphere was filled with sorrow. She leaned on me, her locks scattered on my shoulder, and I toyed with them, curling them on my tanned fingers. My head rested on hers, so that my auburns meshed with her golden-browns.

We watched as the grass swayed at rhythm with the wind. The silver orb that hung itself upon the black sky played hide and seek. We listened to the music played by the crickets and the frogs, with an occasional howling here and there.

After what seemed like hours, Megan finally stood up.

"I've got to go home, thanks for meeting me here Kev." She said solemnly.

"You can always count on me you know."

"Good night."


She left and I watched her as she walked away. One block, two blocks, three blocks, until she was devoured by the mist.

I was still waving, repeating good bye again and again to no one, until these words muttered their selves out.

"Good bye, Megan… I love you…"

I looked down at the turf, and knew I was dreaming if she heard that.

A/N: This is my second attempt to write a story.. this will actually be short... It cameto me before sleeping hehe and I thought it was wonderful :)so I wrote it down...Hope you all like it R&R please..THNKS! LOLs