A violent, bitter wind whipped through the cryptic oak trees and the monstrous maples, sending tiny twigs tumbling down from the tremendous branches. Sporadic flashes erupted from the heavily hanging clouds, threatening to spill their moist cargo at any moment. The damp humidity of a mid-summer day seemed to sap all life from the wooded community. The low rumbling of distant thunder seemed to bring an eerie stillness upon the enormous houses of the suburban neighborhood. Deserted swings swung with only the shadowy memories of children's laughter. Mailboxes stood alone against a deepening gray sky without the usual hoard of gossiping housewives encircling them. Even the streets remained soundless; no cars dared to trespass the black as coal gravel. Total desolation would have enveloped the entire neighborhood, save for one lone woman standing solemnly in her backyard.

Dark brown hair swept around an elegant, curious face framing a pair of intelligent, soft green eyes. The wild stream of wind ruffled the hem of her silken skirt, forcing her delicate hands to gently hold it down. Her slight body was frozen in a petrified pose as she felt the prickle of hairs rising on the back of her neck. Her graceful arms wrapped around her body as she stared into the shadowy woods that surrounded the rest of the neighborhood.

It was not the sinister appearance of the woods that sent a ceaseless chill down her spin, but her innately curious nature that led her to the porch of her home, leaving her to intently stare in the direction of the strange sensation she felt beckoned to her.

She took a deep breath. Finding a bit of courage, the woman took a few steps off of her porch and into the moist grass. She was just about to take another step towards the woods when she felt an intense gaze upon her. Tipping her head over her shoulder, she glanced back and smiled when she saw a little frowning face peering out of the large bay window. She and gave a small wave at the girl that was attentively watching her with the same bright green eyes that her mother also owned. The girl motioned for her to come in; the woman nodded, mutely saying to her she'd be inside in just a moment. Comforted by the reassuring smile, she disappeared from the window.

The woman turned back to face the breathless hush of the wind, beating against the brush and the leaves of the ancient trees. Another long breath and several steps later, she was making her way through the dense thicket and heading down a small, worn path. She looked in front of her, realizing it was much darker in here then she had expected. With a determined posture, she glanced back on last time at her house and vanished within the leafy obscurity. With a horrified expression that froze her face, she heard the tearing that ripped through the once silent woods. The little girl ran back to the window to make sure the woman was still there. The yard was finally desolate.

Then, a sound rose above the wood's thick ceiling; a single scream that pierced the forest's thick leafy ceiling until it was finally muffled by the ominous thunderclouds that finally burst forth the rain it held.

Natalie's eyelids sprung opened as she shot straight up in her bed, gasping and trembling with the vivid nightmare that had haunted her for so many years. The roar of the wind against her window's shutters reassured her that she was still safely snuggled in her four-poster bed. Her body quaked with repressed sobs as she struggled to retain some composure. A few fugitive tears ran down her cheek, but she had finally managed to sustain some calm.

Natalie shakily got up from her bed and sat down at her marble vanity and picked up her brush. Her slender hand only shook slightly as she brushed her long honey-brown hair. It always soothed her on nights like this.

As she gazed in the mirror, she realized whiteness of her face and the suppressed fear beneath the surface of her eyes. She turned away, and her gaze landed on the crystalline picture frame with the familiar eyes and soft, gentle smile. She closed her eyes and traced the outline of the face she knew by heart.

If only she could touch it just once moreā€¦

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