Ziral's Summer Surprise

"Ziral! Hurry or we'll be late," Tiker called.
"I'm coming everybody! Don't wait up for me!" said Ziral, a blonde haired, blue eyed fifteen-year-old. Hannah was the first one out the door. Ziral stepped outside and the cool Ozark breeze blew gently at her face.
"Isn't it just lovely out here?" she asked her friends and they agreed. They set off to go to the little unknown theme park, Silver Dollar City, with smiles on their faces and Ziral's nanny, Annabelle, sitting in the driver's seat singing a happy song.
"Almost there," she called out above the noise in the backseat. Tiker laughed with joy. But Ziral wasn't paying attention. Her eyes were on a translucent white dog standing on the side of the road just staring at her.
"Ziral, are you ok?" asked Tiker and Hannah.
"You look as if you've just seen a ghost!" exclaimed Annabelle.
"Oh it was nothing, nevermind," Ziral said, flushing the strange site out of her head. "But it makes you wonder…" she whispered in a low voice so nobody would hear her, just as the little theme park came into view.
The smell of funnel cakes, the roar of rides, and the sun shining ever so brightly made it the perfect day for fun. The girls rode roller coasters (which made poor Annabelle queasy) and looked in shops. Soon they'd had their fill of fun for the day and were about to leave when Ziral saw the strange dog again. She eased towards it to get a closer look when a lady screamed and everyone scattered, some running for home and others hiding in the closest shops they could find. Car doors slammed and shop's doors locked.
"Ma'am please wait, I have a few questions for you!" Ziral screamed to the lady over the rush of the crowd.
The lady who had screamed looked at her and said, "Alright, alright. But we mustn't stay here-it's too dangerous. Come into my shop and we can talk."
Once they were all in the shop (and the doors locked) the lady, known as Mrs. Baker, asked, "Now what was it you wanted to ask me?" Mrs. Baker loved to bake pies-especially blackberry and she claimed she was 'famous for her cooking.
"Well for one thing," Hannah asked, "Why is everyone afraid of that sweet old dog?"
"That 'sweet old dog' is a ghost!" whispered Mrs. Baker in a frightened tone. "He haunts this town and scares the life out of people."
"Surely you don't believe all of that do you?" Tiker asked.
"Well of course, the legend says…"
"Legend?" interrupted Ziral. "Please tell it to us!"
"As you wish." The old lady replied. "Legend has it that that exact dog used to belong to a crazy old man who never liked his dog. He never cared for it but they say that a kindly old woman named Belladonna next door did. Now, he haunts this town looking for revenge on his master and destroying anyone who gets in his way!"
"Hey the old dog is gone!" cried Tiker.
"So is the old woman!" screamed Hannah as she turned around.
"Let's get out of here," Annabelle said nervously. "This place gives me the creeps!"
"Yes why don't we go back outside and calm our nerves with a little fun," suggested Hannah.
"And fun we will have!" Ziral exclaimed and then mumbled, "Solving this mystery."
"Oh no," Annabelle exclaimed, "I'm not getting mixed up in any more of your crazy, mixed-up schemes! It could be dangerous!"
"Well then," Ziral said secretly, "I welcome danger with open arms."
Weeks went by and the girls worked, looking for clues everywhere but finding none.
"I guess we'll just have to give it up Ziral," Hannah said, "because we're not finding a thing."
"Maybe you're right, but I still wish we could have found something," Ziral replied. At that exact moment out of nowhere, the dog appeared and ran off.
"Follow that dog!" yelled Tiker but the others were already a step ahead of her. They chased the dog for several blocks until they were all out of breath. Right away, the dog fell into a river, trying to avoid a trap. Ziral jumped into the river and caught hold of the pup not realizing that they were headed straight for a waterfall.
"Ziral look out!" they all screamed and it was then that the helpless girl heard the roaring of the fall.
"HELP!" she cried out, knowing that these words might be her last.
Hanna reached out her hand to catch her but realizing that her arms were too short, she called out to Tiker, "Tiker, hold my feet!" Hanna inched closer, Tiker holding her feet so as not to fall. Just as Ziral was about to drown in the fast current, a hand grabbed hold of hers and pulled her to shore with the pup in her arms. Once she was completely out of her shock, she looked at the pup. He wasn't white at all! On the contrary-he was black! The white had turned out to be flour that had fallen on the dog while trying to get at a blackberry pie cooling in a windowsill.
The girls showed the whole town not to be afraid anymore and the pup found a home with a loving girl where he spent the rest of his life. Can you guess who that was? In addition, when they reached home, they found 15 mysterious Blackberry pies on their doorstep.
Annabelle said, "I wonder who sent these-there's no name tag or anything." Ziral only smiled, looked up into the windy night sky and whispered, "Thank you, Belladonna Baker."