she said she was a vintage heartache

a glamourous remake

on the kurt cobain mistake

and when i laughed she just


i wouldnt ever understand

how sad she wanted to be

like the angel on her tree

her barbie ( but in one piece)

and maybe a bit of me.

i blinked and told her

what she said she already knew

that i was boring, black & blue

and completely in love with you

and when i cried she just


that when you broke my heart

she'd happily kiss me instead

and pretend id never left her bed.

She told me blue eyed boys

never had happy endings

but the green eyed girl

deserved princess charming.

in the morning I woke up tangled

in her arms- strangled

at what id done. Id handled

it all so wrong. and she just


she'd miss me

when i'm gone.