It's Been a Year

It's been a year

Hellish, cruel

Euphoric, beautiful year

And the girl you dated

Died of truth

And returned

As me

Unwiring computers

To compensate your loneliness

Drowning tedium in anime

The pink haired cartoon

In the soft core skirt

Loves you more

Than I ever did

It's been a year

Hellish, cruel

Wasted, tedious year

And the boy I dated

Died of truth

And denied

It was over

Tuning an iPod

Blasting "All The Things She Said"

It really isn't enough

That I need her

I'll admit that I've changed

But I'll never blame you

For my heart

It's been a year

Strange, twisted

Honest, liberating year

And the girl I love

Is lost to me

Still I can

Admit it

You never bought in

Blasting a song about a glove compartment

It's what you call "real"

And I let you have it

But you'll never have me

And it's the best feeling

I've ever had

It's been a year

Shameful, hated

Shameless, loving year

And the boy who loved the girl

Has to move on

Has to just

Forget it

He sits alone with his feelings

And a bowl of popcorn

Absorbing the narcotic

Of naked cartoons

She sits alone with her feelings

And an empty spiral

Absorbing their hatred

It's been a year

Spited, despised

Liberated, perfect year

And the girl who loves girls

Has to move on

And accept it

It's been a year