Written in around 10 minutes during English class. R&R is greatly appreciated.

She watched the Sea

There came a time in a nation vast,
Of bickering and war.
The enemies were approaching fast,
The soldiers, they needed more.

And so it came, her love was gone,
Taken away to fight.
Every day she watched the sea,
From the rise of dawn to night.

Now in utter solitude,
She recalled a better time.
"My love," he had whispered tenderly,
"Everything will be fine."

And she believed his loving words,
Heavy-hearted, she watched him go.
He disappeared out on the waves,
A silhouette against the sunset's glow.

But in the town the villagers cried,
"Our dear boat has crashed!"
And though she prayed it was a lie,
Against the rocks, it smashed.

Months later on a midnight dark,
The wind was blowing free.
And still the waves rolled in alone,
And still- she watched the sea.