There's a someday I dream of sometimes

when I miss you too much;

a future fairy suburbia that maybe we will reach;

a life peaceful possibly

where the sun rises softly each morning,

painting rainbows on the sky.

But on this magic maybe morning, we sleep through sunrise,

holding each other closely, closely,

til you wake me gently,

whispering in my ear,

what would you like for breakfast?

And we will take our tea with sugar, milk, and laughter

and our coffee with chocolate

because we will be done with bitterness forever

and we will be done with uncertainty, and done with terror.

If I close my eyes, I can see you

singing as you cook delicious in your boxers

making pancakes

shaped like breasts.

I can see you happy, and I can see you with me,

and I can see us.

I would dress slowly, smelling you cook.

I would put on my skirt, and my make-up, and my glasses

and pad out into the warm kitchen

to have you tie my tie

and trade kisses for pancakes.

There's a someday I long for,

a maybe day with you,

a life quietly fulfilled, filled by each other.

There's a someday we could have someday

a someday we would love.