My Silver Friend

Lorna Dwyer April 2005

I've been fighting,

This urge to just,

Cut and cut,

See my skin bleed.

I've been trying,

To stop for so long.

But now it has,

Come back as strong.

Everything around,

Has been going,

So very wrong.

I want to cut.

I feel so bad,

Deep inside me.

I know that cutting,

Just a little will help me.

I can't fight it for long,

This feeling is so strong.

Why can no one help?

Why can't I help?

I've been screaming for help,

My voice is gone,

My throat aches,

I need my silver friend.

My silver friend,

Doesn't judge me,

Doesn't leave me.

Isn't drunk.

My friend is happy,

Silent and reassuring.

Doesn't fight with me,

I'm not alone anymore.