He Chose To Give It All

Gravity can't hold me down now

I know that I'm gonna go to a better place someday soon

Where there's no pain and hurt

Only joy and peace

In the end I know that I'll be with him again

I used to dread the day that I would die

But now I can look forward to it

Because I'll be with him again

I feel like I'm gonna soar over everything

At the thought of this

Because I know that you died for me

So that I could be with you again

I know that I'm not just a person

Vastly lost in this world

Because I know that He died for me

He chose to give it all for me

He endured the excruciating pain

So that I could be with Him again

You have showed me the truth

And now I rejoice at the thought

Of being with You again

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