A/N: Wrote this after a conversation with my friend tonight. Not that good. It's about how I treat my friends and work hard to play dumb...I can't write summaries...Anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you.



I don't know me
I know that
I hide myself
Behind the glass
Everyone sees in
Looks right through
I made it that way
For me and for you
And I pretend you can't see
Deep down I know you must
My glass wall is only up
Because I have yet to learn trust
And I put up translucent curtains
So that at least I can say
'I didn't know you were looking in
That you knew I felt this way'
Because I put the curtains over the glass
It's security, really
Just an alibi because I do try
To block you entirely but nothing's thick enough
I can only fit this glass around me
Everything else fades, quickly
I talked to you from behind the glass
So that you'd know what I really meant
But I could touch the glass and not you
Feel my words bounce off pretending they didn't go through
Deep down, we both know, and we're not kidding anyone
But this glass feels protective to me around everyone
I need to break my habits so I'm trying to build myself up
To break the glass, to not need it, because I'm just that tough
But until then, put up with it, please
Know that inside I know that I'm weak
But these glass walls prevent me from reaching me