By: Talyn Gray

Devan pushed her way through the crowd, huffing and shoving her way along to the terminal where she was supposed to meet Eden. She had lost Eric somewhere along the way behind her, but she knew he wouldn't be hard to spot; he was 6'5'' and had a shock of honey hair after all.

Finally, she spotted another blob of blond hair standing near a seat with luggage. Feeling a smile tug at her lips, Devan rose an arm and waved it frantically. "EDEN!" she yelled to get his attention. The head angled upwards, looking at who had called him before his eyes finally landed on her and he grinned.

"Devan!" he said just as she made it to him. They hugged and she stepped back to give him a look from head to toe for the first time in three years. Like Eric, he had grown a considerable amount of inches, but his build was a bit more slim, and his eyes were still a deep sea green. He had cut his hair a bit shorter; it made him look much more mature, and she noticed that his chin was smooth and silky looking.

"Eden!" A second, deeper voice called, and they turned and Eden smiled at his brother, who stumbled through the people who were walking against him. It was the holiday season and there were people busy trying to get places and to go places. When the brothers with the same face looked at each other before giving each other a 'man-hug.' Devan rolled her eyes and grabbed the smalls of their backs and smashed them closer together.

"You two never change," she muttered to herself. They laughed and separated, Eric wrapping an arm around her waist. "So what is it like at Le Cordon Bleu?" Devan asked him. "Are you gonna make us dinner tonight?"

"Hmm…. I don't think so," he replied thoughtfully, but with a playful smile.

"Anyway, let's go," Eric said, "We can talk in the car or at Denny's or something."


Eric had driven them to a no-name diner in which they all ordered hot chocolate and simple meals. "So now do you ever eat the food you used to eat and say 'eww…'?" she asked him. Eden shrugged and tossed a piece of bread in his mouth.

"Depends," he replied. "Sometimes I do, sometimes it's like good ol' times."

They made small talk and chatted about Eden's classes all the way in France. It was rare that he visited since he now lived so far away and airfare cost too much and it was too much of a hassle to travel. But he had at last come back for a month to visit his family and Devan. Halfway through their eating, Devan got up and went to the bathroom, leaving Eric and Eden alone to eat their meals.

"So have you found anyone special?" Eric asked nonchalantly while sticking a fry in his mouth. Eden shrugged.

"Not too sure; I've met a couple of girls," Eden replied, just as casually. "You don't have to worry about me and Devan if that's what you mean," he added, looking up into his brother's eyes.

Eric shook his head. "I know I don't, I trust that she loves me," he answered. "I was asking for your sake. I don't want my little brother alone for the rest of his life."

"You don't have to worry, there's someone out there for me, I'm sure, or at least I hope," he added with a wry smile. "But if not, I'll be fine on my own."

Devan came back a minute later and they finished their meals and Eric drove Eden to their parent's home. They dropped him off, knowing that his mother and father would want alone time with their son, and headed back towards Eric's apartment. Devan still lived with Nick and Liz. She had a full class schedule and no job to support herself. Nick had recently gotten a promotion and had stepped up to the financial plate for her.

When she had first started college, she still had no idea what she wanted to be. She knew that she had still wanted to be in the same school as Eric and put down all the majors of the college into a bag and picked one at random. That little slip of paper represented her future, and her future had told her to major in psychology.

"Eden seems a little different," she said randomly, starting conversation.

Eric shrugged, "He's been in France for the past two years," he smiled and pulled into the parking lot. "You can't have people stay the same forever."

"I know, I know," she replied, and leaned forward to land a kiss on his scruffy cheek. "You need to shave," Devan giggled, wiping her mouth. He laughed and pulled the car into park before getting out, as did Devan. They traveled inside and he closed the door behind them.

"Want anything to eat?" he asked out of habit.

"We just ate," she answered with a smile.

"Oh, yeah."

They lounged around a bit, turned on the TV and watched it until nine before Devan stood up and decided she needed to go home.

"Whaaat?" Eric questioned sounding a tad disappointed. "Already?"

She shrugged, "Liz and Nick'll worry, you know them."

Eric stood up and sighed, taking her in his arms and kissing her forehead. "Stay a little longer?" His head dipped down and kissed her neck. He didn't want her to go yet. He hated being in his apartment alone, there was no one to talk to, nothing to do but stare at the homework that he wished would do itself.

"Fine," she muttered, turning around in his arms and kissing him on the lips. "But don't forget you still have to take me home."

He smiled and pulled her face towards him again. He was hunched over her, but skill managed to kiss her pretty damn near decent. "I wont forget," he reassured against her lips.


A/N: Not much of a good ending, but last chapter was technically the ending and this epilogue was just meant to show you where things went… And I'll leave the rest of what happens to your imaginations. ;D

Anyway… NOTES:

Meh… too much to say. I really wish that I had developed every thing a little better. Truth be told I don't really like this story too much for some reason. e.e

Eden changed a little too much for my taste, now that I look back on it. He was just a little…psychotic. O.o Probably because I didn't have a direct theme to model him after other than 'surprises,' whereas Eric was easier and a lot more fun to write (even though he wasn't annoying enough later on). Devan seemed to fall into a character I seem to fall into a lot Dx She was meant to have an almost completely different personality… Things for me to work on when I rewrite this would have to be better development and better detail…

But despite that, I am proud of the story as a whole, it has been nominated for a contest against two of these great authors, and I'm honored to be considered good enough to compete against them (for lack of better words). :D

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