Hello there. Welcome to what will (hopefully) become my first completed work of original fiction. This series, as it says in the description, will be a twist on those 'Boy meets cute girl robot, boy falls in love with cute girl robot' series. How, you may ask? Simple: the 'boy' is actually a girl this time around! Also, this series will be a bit more dark than what you're used to in these types of series. I can be a bit sadistic at times: I like to see my characters suffer to an extent. Why? Because it makes a happy ending that much more sweet.

Now, the protagonist being a girl means that there will be lots of Shoujo-Ai, which means 'Girl-Love' for the uninformed. If this offends you, then please turn back.

With that out of the way, let us begin! This story begins on a day in early September, in the year 2015...

-Kouji Tamino


Himiko Takenouchi was late. Today was the busiest day at her place of work, Pirittokuru Noodles. The brown haired, emerald green eyed young woman ran at top speed towards the train station, dressed in a red sweater, super baggy blue jeans that dragged across the ground, red sneakers, and a big round pair of glasses. "Oh my god, this is terrible! Why in the hell did I let Ruki convince me to go out drinking with her last night? We were out way too late, and I have a splitting headache now!" She screamed as she was almost annihilated by a semi-truck. She stared at the truck wide eyed, grabbing her chest as she breathed heavily. "Ah… Ah… Oh my…"

"HEY!!" the understandably peeved driver shouted. "Watch where you're going, next time! If I hadn't stopped in time, we would both be in trouble!"

Himiko winced as the man scolded her. "Right! Sorry!!" She quickly ran across the street, continuing her frantic sprint to the station. As she got closer to the station, just outside the door in fact, she bumped into someone who was coming out. "Eep!" She yelped, finding her face first in a taller woman's bust. Trying to grab onto something to keep her balance, she grabbed a handful of the woman's right breast. "Oh my, whatever I grabbed a hold of sure is soft…" She looked up and screamed. "Oh my god! I am so sorry!"

The blonde haired, blue eyed woman chuckled. "That's quite all right…" She was wearing a yellow turtle neck, dark red skirt, brown stockings, and high heels that matched her skirt. She gave a comforting smile to the younger woman who had bumped into her. "But you should be a bit more careful, cutie… The world can be a dangerous place…"

Himiko blushed, quickly removing her hands. "Wha?! Sorry, I'm in a hurry!!" She ran past the woman and into the building. 'How bizarre…' As she ran in, the woman stared at her, smiling. She then turned around and walked away.


AI: Artificial Love?

Episode 1: The Main Character of This Series is a Girl!

"Whew, I finally made it…" Himiko said softly. Walking into the building, she screamed as she saw just how many people were there today. "This is insane! Even with me here helping, there is absolutely no way that we can serve all of these people in time!"

"Takenouchi!" her boss screamed, running over to her and shaking her. He was a round man in his late 40's with thinning black hair and a moustache. He was wearing a light blue dress shirt, dark blue slacks, and black shoes. "Where the hell were you?! We could really use your help!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Yagami!" she stammered, on the verge of tears. "I overslept! I know that's no excuse, but--."

"Then don't make excuses!" Yagami shouted. "Get into your uniform and serve some noodles!"

"Y-yes sir!" she nodded, rushing to the locker room to get changed.


"Hey! Where the hell are my noodles?!" an angry customer shouted.

"S-sorry!" Himiko shouted, running up dressed in a frilly blue dress with a matching ribbon in her hair, blue high heels, and a white apron over the dress. One of the heels on her shoes snapped, making her trip. She ended up dropping the hot soup all over the poor customer…


"Takenouchi, you're fired…" her boss said plainly at the end of the work day, reading the newspaper.

"Whaaat?!" the surprised woman screeched, hands on her head. "But, but… Mr. Yagami, I need this job! Please, just give me another chance!"

Yagami sighed, putting down his newspaper. "Look, Takenouchi… You're a good kid and all, but you're so clumsy! No offense, but you're a danger to yourself and the customers!"

She closed her eyes, nodding slowly. "I see… Well okay, then… Goodbye, sir…" She gasped as someone put a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see a man around her age giving her a smile of assurance. He had light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing an orange t-shirt that said 'Yo' in black English letters, khaki pants, and brown sandals. "Oh… Takahata…"

Her friend and co-worker sighed, patting her on the back. "Let's go home, Himiko… Everything will be all right…" His smile turned into a perverted grin, as he inched his hand lower and lower, squeezing her butt a few times.

Himiko gasped, smacking him. "Taka, you pervert!"


Himiko stared out the window sadly as the train rode back into her and Taka's neighborhood. 'Look at me…' she thought to herself. 'Himiko Takenouchi… 25 years old… Dropped out of the Tokyo Institute of Technology…' She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. 'And what was with that woman earlier? She… called me a cutie… Weird…'

"You okay?" Taka asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to find another job soon…"

Himiko smiled at him, giggling a little. "Thanks Taka… You're such a good friend!" Her left eyebrow twitched as her friend's hand had somehow found it's way to her right breast. "Although you could be a little less perverted…" she muttered, socking him in the face. "You keep that up and I'm not going ride with you anymore… I get on one of those 'women only' trains…"

"Okay, okay!" he pleaded, waving his hands. "I'll keep my hands to myself!"

"You know, that's sexual harassment…" the woman from earlier replied. "She could sue you if she wanted to…"

"O-oh! It's okay, Miss! Me and Taka have been friends for years! He was just playing around!" She gasped as she realized who it was. "Oh! You're that woman from earlier! I never got to properly apologize for… what I did…"

The woman chuckled. "That's quite all right…" She grinned. "Actually, I kind of enjoyed it… You're a very cute woman, you know that?"

Himiko bit her lip, getting a bit uncomfortable. "I'm sorry, but I don't really swing that way…"

The blonde woman smiled. "Sorry, then… I'll stop bothering you, then…" A few minutes later, the train made a stop. "Well, I'm off… It was nice meeting you two, Himiko and Taka… Goodbye." She stood up, and began to get off of the train with a group of people.

"Wait! What's your name?" Himiko asked.

The woman looked back and shouted to her. "Erika! Erika Nanase!"


Himiko walked down the almost empty streets alone, Taka living a few blocks away. The Autumn air had cooled down significantly, causing her to shiver a bit. She closed her eyes and imagined taking a nice warm bath. "I still can't believe I got fired, though… Oh well, tomorrow is another huh?" Something in an alleyway caught her eye. She peered down the dark alley to see something in the garbage. "What the heck?" She ran down to the garbage can, and stared wide eyed at what she saw. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she stared at the seemingly dead/unconscious naked woman in the trash. "Oh… my… god… Is she dead?" She reached out with a shaky hand, touching the woman's body. It was cold and clammy. Shuddering, she began to get more and more scared. She looked at the body up and down, then noticed something strange on the woman's abdomen. "Wait… is that a panel that opens?" She sighed in relief. "Whew! She's not dead, she's just an android!" She scratched her chin. "Hmm, an incredibly life like android at that… Whoever built her is a genius!" She frowned. "Why the hell someone would throw her out is beyond me, but…" Picking the android up and happily carrying it to her house, she happily hummed. "I'm taking her home and fixing her up! I must have certainly learned enough in college before I dropped out!"


"Waaah! I can't do diddly squat!" She whined, dropping some tools on the ground. Sitting in her small apartment, she looked at the parts lying around on the ground. "I managed to clean her up and repair a few basic parts, but I can't figure out this more complicated stuff!" She rubbed her chin, then smiled. "I know! I'll call Taka!" She began to crawl on the floor, looking for her phone. "Phone, phone, phone oof!" She ended up hitting her head on a desk. "Owie…" She looked up and cheered. "Yay! Found the phone!" Dialing Taka's number, she waited for him to pick up. "Come on, come on, come on… Taka? Could you come over? Yes, I know it's late, but… I found a very realistic android girl and… Taka?"

"So, is this the android?" Taka asked, staring at it in amazement with his arms crossed and wearing a brown trench coat. The android girl had very short green hair and a tan skin tone. "Wow, she sure is a beauty… Whoever built her is a frigging genius!"

"Bwaa!" Himiko screamed, jumping up in shock. "How did you get here so fast?! Anyway yeah, that's just what I said…" She turned to him. "So, think you can fix her?"

"I'll see what I can do…" he muttered. "Wow, check out all the detail on her…" his hand began to inch closer and closer to the android's exposed breast. "She looks so real! They even gave her a pu. Ow!" He shouted, as Himiko smacked his hand.

"No groping her, lech… Just fix her, okay?" she said, glaring.


"And with that, she's finished!" Taka announced proudly, closing the robot's abdomen panel. "Now let's see… Wait, how do you activate her?"

"Let me see!" Himiko shouted, pushing him out of the way. She stared at the android. "Wow, it's still hard to believe she isn't real…"

Suddenly, the android opened her yellow eyes. Her blurry, fuzzy vision began to clear up, the first thing she saw being Himiko. She blinked rapidly a few times. "Um… yo, Mistress… Why am I naked?" She looked over and saw Taka. "Gyah!! Pervert!" She picked up the nearby desk and began to bash him over the head. "Die, die, die!!!"

"N-no!" Himiko shouted. "He's not a pervert!" She sweat dropped, quickly correcting herself. "Well, actually he is! But still! He's not a creepy pervert! He's my friend and the guy that helped fix you! And wait, did you just call me 'Mistress'?"

The android shrugged, ceasing her beating of poor Taka. "Well, yeah… You were the first person I saw when I activated, so you're my Master/Mistress…"

The woman nodded her head slowly. "Okay… Well in that case, I should give you a name, then… Hm, I can't think of one right now…"

"How about Iroppoi?" Taka suggested, a grin on his face.

"Sexy?" the android raised an eyebrow. "I don't think so, you pervert…"

"Waaah, this isn't fair…" the perverted man whined. "In anime, it's the guy that usually gets the cute girl robot… You screwed me over when you pushed me out of her line of view, Himiko! You screwed me over!"

The klutz giggled. "Sorry, Takahata… But still, it might be fun to have a robot around…" She yawned, standing up and walking to the bathroom. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a nice long bath..."


"Oh yes, this feels sooo nice…" the brown haired woman said as she relaxed in the hot water. "Gosh, what a day… Got fired, met a strange yet cool woman, and found an android… What else could happen?" Just then, the door opened. The android girl walked in wearing nothing but a towel. "Um, what are you doing?"

The android stared at her. "I came in here to help you wash your back, Mistress… Is that a problem?"

Himiko shook her head. "No, that's fine…" She gasped as the android got in the bath with her. "Wha-what the hell are you doing?!"

"Relax, I'm waterproof…" the android muttered.

"N-no! That's not the point!" she shouted. "I'm not comfortable with this! Out, now!"

"No can do, Mistress…" the robot girl said teasingly. "I want a bath, too…"

The woman chuckled nervously. "Um, aren't robots supposed to be completely obedient to their owners?"

"I'm not that type of robot… I've got complete free will! I can obey or disobey my owner's commands if I feel like it!"

"Whoo! Now that's what I'm talking about!" Taka shouted, seemingly appearing out of nowhere with a camcorder in his hand. "Now how about you put her arms around her and kiss her! And no wimpy kisses either! I wanna see some tongue!" He screamed as the android hopped out of the tub and crushed his camcorder with one hand. "H-hey! That was a gift! An expensive one, too!"

The green haired android glared at him, letting the pieces of the camcorder fall to the ground. "If you don't want anything else broken, particularly a body part, then you will get out of this bathroom, now!"

"Yes, ma'am!" he shouted, scrambling out in a flurry of arms and legs.

The android girl turned to Himiko. "Eh, I guess I'll take a bath later… Someone has to keep that perv from peeking on you…" She looked down at her own naked body, then back to her mistress. "You have any spare clothes that I can borrow? It's so freaking cold right now that my nipples are rock solid…"

The woman was hightly embarrassed at the robot's choice of words, but answered the question. "Um, yeah! There should be a chest full of a few outfits that I don't wear anymore… Help yourself!"


After getting dressed, the android plopped down on the couch next to Taka, who was watching television. "So, whathca watching, perv?"

Taka, turning away from the TV to look at the girl-bot, started to explain. "Eh, it's some game show I just changed to… Didn't catch the name…" He looked back to the box before doing a double take, his head snapping back to the android. "Wha?!"

She was dressed in a torn up, sleeveless t-shirt that showed off her belly button and ripped up jean shorts that showed off her thighs. She looked at him with a blank expression. "…What?"

"Oh, nothing…" the lech mumbled, not wanting to further invoke the wrath of the slightly crazy android. Just then, there was a huge crash and a scream from the bathroom. "What the hell?"

The android's eyes widened. "Mistress!" They both bolted towards the bathroom, gasping as an unconscious Himiko was being taken hostage by a red and black spider-like robot. "Let her go, whatever you are!"

The spider robot spoke in an emotionless machine voice. "I will only let her go if you return to us. Refuse and we will be forced to take drastic measures. If you want her to live, you would be wise to follow me." The spider-bot, still holding Himiko, jumped out the window and began to hop from building to building.

"Shit!" Taka shouted. "It's getting away!"

"…Get on my back…" the android said casually.

The man stared at her like she had grown tentacles. "…What did you say?"

"You heard me!" she screamed. "Now stop wasting time and get on my back!"


An average middle aged business man was walking down the street with a few of his co-workers, when one of them suggested that they should all go drinking that night. As he was about to give his answer, he saw what looked like a woman with a man on her back, hopping from building to building while giving chase to a giant spider that was carrying another woman. He shook his head and closed his eyes, then looked back at the spot. Nothing. He turned to his co-workers. "Um, go on ahead of me, guys… I haven't even had anything to drink yet and I'm already seeing things…"


"Yaaaah!!!" Taka screamed, as the girl android hopped over to another building. "I think I'm gonna be sick!"

"I think I'm gonna drop you if you don't shut up!" she screamed. "Now just relax, I've almost caught up, with this damn thing!" As luck would have it, they landed on top of a wide building. She took this opportunity to make a huge leap, landing right in front of the spider-bot and blocking it off. "You let my mistress go, you bastard!" she screeched, tossing Taka off of her back and dashing towards the spider-bot. She dodged it's barrage of limbs, then jumped up and caught Himiko after the bot had thrown her into the air to free up more limbs. She yelped as the two of them were smacked back by a stray limb, the android carefully protecting her mistress's exposed body.

Himiko slowly opened her eyes, looking up at the android. "Hey… you saved me…"

The female humanoid robot smiled. "Of course I did, you're my mistress… Now, Mistress… As weird as this might seem, I need you to kiss me…"

"Wh-what?!" the woman screamed. "Why?"

"Because that's the only way to maximize my fighting abilities…" she explained. "Please? I won't do it if you won't let me…"

Himiko gulped. "All right, fine… I suppose it's better than dying…" Closing her eyes, she pursed her lips, preparing herself.

Leaning in closer, the android closed her own eyes as she pressed her lips against her mistress's. She slid her tongue in her mouth for a moment, then glowed. Leaning back, she smiled again. "Thank you, mistress…"

Himiko stared at her new robotic companion, her face becoming red as a beet. She gasped as the spider-bot made it's move again. "Look out!!"

Without even looking back, the android blocked the attack, shattering the spider's robotic appendage. She rushed over to Taka and set Himiko down, letting her stand up on her own. "Look after her for me… And no funny business, or else…" Turning her attention back to the matter at hand, she ran towards the robotic spider and punched it straight on, making it shatter into pieces with her kiss assisted strength. "Hyaah!!"

Both of the humans stared at her in shock for a moment. Breaking the silence, Taka shouted in excitement. "Wow! That was amazing!"

Panting heavily, which was odd for an androids to do, she turned to them. She stared at Taka and pointed to him. "You. The coat. Off with it."

Taka gave a lecherous grin. "Hey, I know I'm irresistible and all, but on the roof?"

"You idiot!" she screamed. "I mean take it off and give it to Mistress! She's still naked and bound to catch a cold after not having been able to dry off properly!"

"Oh! Of course!" he took off his trench coat, putting it on her shoulders. "Here. She's right, y'know… Wouldn't want you to catch a cold…"

Himiko sighed. "Thanks, you guys…" she looked to the android. "And now I know what I will name you…" She smiled cheerfully. "Since you seem to be a tomboy, I'll call you Kyan-chan!"

The newly named Kyan-chan's jaw dropped in disbelief. "What?! Why?! Just because I'm a tomboy?! Oh, that's just great!" She growled as they started to laugh at her. "And just what the hell do you guys think you're laughing at?!"


Meanwhile, in a tall building in an abandoned part of the city, a blonde woman wearing a white suit with her hair in a ponytail and big black shades on sat in a chair in a conference room. A man dressed similarly walked in, bowing to her. "Ma'am, our attempts to retrieve prototype model Y-74SJA has failed. The Arachidroid was destroyed…"

The woman chuckled. "No matter… The Arachnidroid was fodder… This was just a test to see her capabilities…" A small grin appeared on her face as she watched the video feed sent to her before the Arachnidroid was annihilated. "These results are much better than we expected…"

To Be Continued…