Right behind in the Confessional

The nuns would make their rounds,

"Pray my child, pray"

but when they left we gossiped

just the same blissfully unaware

of the reason why we stayed


A time to laundry list, air out our dirty lies,

to fear the fate of an angry God

The children filed surely,

confronting demons in their heads,

and gave unknown penance to the Lord our God.

It's been a while now,

but it looks so much the same.

Pleated skirts cheat still.

Starched collars still con.

So I've come to wonder what on earth

is hedoing here.

Fool, can't he see?

An empty confession won't wash away,

the sin.

"I stole a car, umm yeah, drugs, dirty sex, and like yeah I'm sorry God.


He's not even sorry, ever.

Doesn't care for loss of grace, Why does it matter now?

So why is he here, if he knows

he'll be out doing the same damned sins again?

If God forgives all,

Then he must have forgiven me.

-Cindy Moon )