Forget me not, for the road is long
the snow is deep… the gravel, rocky… the sand, itchy
Forget me not when you, my love, sleep in another bed
next to one you love… more than me… less than me…

For amusement, be light as it may, take form of memory
And then without shame, you may think of me.

Forget me not, for I live in you
in a recess of your mind…. A corner of your heart… a flicker in your eye
Forget me not, for I am human and need
the pounding of my heart at dawn… noon… dusk.

Man meets woman, or man, as it may, and is captivated,
Locked in a prison of love, not wishing to be released.

Forget me, but as you do, do not,
for I know you… knew you… will know you
And as it is I who knows the desires of your heart
do not forget… summer evenings…. spring lunches… fall mornings

Then, as you think of me, you can then remember why you no longer
wish to think of me, but know this:

Your heart knows no boundary nor is hindered by rock or stone.
Return to the one who loves you… that you love
And never forget.