Voice is the strong and intense sound which mother earth created from the very mouths of the first beings. Voice is the first and last sound of melody and harmony which has and will be forever heard on the face of this or any other world. Voice, however, does have a catch. You must spend hours upon hours working, sometimes till the small hours of the morning, to train this wild beast. Similar to a wild stallion galloping through on the green earth, voice must be brought to the terms of the body while still allowing it an ability to be free when breath allows it to. Symptoms of the love of voice can be seen when one sings such things as "Die Forelle" for your partner while closing down the Barnes and Noble Café. There can be no greater thrill than dancing to the thought of Cole Porter's "De-Lovely" while washing countless dishes. Not only in public, though, but in private when the eyes of a man tear up at listening to the indescribable shimmer chords of Eric Whitacre, one knows that music is more than just aural entertainment. Being a tenor, cracks are what litter my attempts as continued F's and G's flow from my diaphragm, through my lungs, slithering silently through my vocal chords and then finally out the cavity known as the mouth. This, however, does not concern me. The placement of the notes will come, and when they do, a light will glow stronger than the birth of the star. Exceptional music is not easy to obtain and finding those who will take the challenge is arduous. Those who do take the risk are mostly the ones who can truly make melody and harmony intertwine allowing music to create itself, using only the human body as a vessel.