Authors Note:
Ok, I know its been a while since I've updated my stories, But I had some familey business to take care of. At the moment I am in the middle of writting a new chapter for my story 'The Temptations Of Ultra Man', But due to familey problems it may take a while to get it on the site. However here is the the Fith Chapter of the story on its own. I am quite pleased with it and I hope it will get more people to read about Ultraman. I will Update that soon I Promise. As always let me know what you think.

The Falcon.

P.s. Be warned This Story Deals With The Rape Of A Minor........Enjoy.

By The Falcon

The room was cold, it was always cold. The boy did not know how long he had been there. With no clocks or windows it was easy to lose track of time. The days and nights bleed in to one. He was no longer scared he had been there long enough to know that if he did what he was told he would not be hurt.

He looked down at his naked body, it had been so long since he last wore cloths he almost forgot what they felt like. His body had marks all over it, marks from where he had been bad, marks that used to bleed but now they were scared over. He was dirty, mud and dust covered his body it had been forever since he had last had a bath. But he knew that he would not stay dirty for too long. Every now and then the man came.

The bad man liked to kiss the him, he liked to lick him, the bad man would say that it was more fun then having a bath. But Charlie promised that if he ever got home to his mummy and daddy he would not complain about having baths again.

Thinking of the bad man got the boy thinking of how he wound up in this hell. He remembered it was his bed time, and his mummy had told him to go to bed. He kissed his mum and dad goodnight and went up stairs to his bedroom. He had his own bathroom which was cool for a 9 year old. He opened his pyjama draw and took out his dinosaur pyjamas. He then entered the bath room, took of his cloths, put them in to the washing basket and the got washed. Once washed he put his PJs on then turned the light off and got in to bed. He closed his eyes to go to sleep but then there was a flash, his eyes opened and a man was standing in front of the bed, with a knife in his hand.

The boy looked at the man; he knew him from somewhere but could not figure out where. The boy tried to move but his body was frozen he even found it hard to breath. "Hello Charlie" the man said as he walked over to the bed. "I've been waiting for this for a long time" The man pulled the covers of the bed. Charlie was so scared he tried to call for his parents but only a squeak came out. The bent down and kissed Charlie on the lips then pulled out a piece of cloth and wrapped it round Charlie's mouth.

The man began to cut away at Charlie's pyjama top until they were nothing but sheds at the end of the bed. He then did the same to the pyjama bottoms. Charlie was so scared that he could not control himself. He started to pee, he tried to stop, he tried to move, but it seemed like he was being held in place. When the man saw Charlie peeing himself he seemed to get excited he bent down and put Charlie's wee-wee in his mouth and began to drink the liquid coming out.

Once Charlie had emptied himself the man used some shreds form the pyjamas and tied his hands and feet together. He stood up and took a picture of the boy. The last thing the boy saw was the man placing a piece of paper and several photos on the bed, but then everything went black.

When he wok up the boy was in a room, a dark, empty room all that was in there was a mattress on the floor and a table in the corner. There was also a door but it was locked. He spent along time, crying, in that room it seemed like days but finally the door unlocked. The bad man walked in carrying a tray with a plate of chips and a can of coke on. "Are you hungry Charlie?" he asked the boy nodded still to scared to talk "Ok how about a trade?" the man asked "I will give you this food if you do something for me, ok." The boy Nodded. "Good" The man said as an evil smile appeared on his face. "Go lie down on that mattress" he said as he placed the food on the table.

Charlie lay down on his back on the mattress. The man looked at him and licked his lips "Charlie turn over!" he said in a firm but quiet voice. Charlie did as he was told. The mattress was old and a spring was sticking in too Charlie's leg. The man began to undo his trousers and pulled them down he then lay on top of Charlie and placed his rock hard member in side the boy's tight arse. Charlie screamed in pain he began to cry and scream, but this made the man thrust harder. When Charlie felt a liquid run down his cheeks he thought it was blood.

The got up off Charlie, pulled up his trousers and walked off closing the door behind him. Charlie lay there for what felt like hours just crying. The food was still untouched when the man came back for more.

The man came a few more times and Charlie hurt every single time. The boy had to stop the pain the next time the man came Charlie refused to lay on the bed. But this made the man mad. He grabbed Charlie and threw him on the mattress. This time Charlie was on his back, but he had hit his head on the wall and it hurt real bad. The man took out a knife and grabbed Charlie's left foot. He took a knife out of his pocket and cut the sole. "this is what happens when you piss me off" the man said.

The man then turned Charlie over and had his way with the boy again but this time harder the before. When the man was finished he left Charlie the to bleed. Charlie tried not to be bad but sometime he couldn't help it, and when he was bad the man made him bleed, sometime the man would do worse things to him, but Charlie did not want to think about those.

All of a sudden the door crashed open bringing Charlie back to the present, back to the hell he was still in. Charlie knew what to do he went to lay back on the mattress, "Stop Charlie" the man said "I don't want that today I want the other thing." A tear fell down Charlie's cheek he hated this but knew he had to. As he got on to his knees the man smiled, "Good Boy" he said as he pulled down his trousers.