Okay. -;;; I'm in trouble aren't I? I haven't been writing my other stories…. T-T But I got the inspiration at school! And I didn't want to lose it. XD I even wrote it on my hand.

Stupid title, as usual. I'll explain who Helen Keller is:

Helen Keller got an illness when she was an infant, and she became blind and deaf. She was, quite honestly, a brat for 5-6 afterwards. At age 6, she met Annie Sullivan (or O'Sullivan)—an Irish woman who was blind, but she got an operation for her eyes. It's around like… late 1800's (yes, Helen Keller was a real person as well as Annie and that really happened) and it's kind of emotional at times. You should see the movie 'Miracle Worker'. It's really a play turned into a movie but. Meh. It's from the like… 60's or—well, it's in black and white and Patty Duke plays a 6-year-old Helen. O.o It is OLD.

Anyway, -; ummmmmm… takes place in America. Again. Modern times. Again. And so it begins!

DISCLAIMER: Bugles are © to General Mills and I don't own them. But damn, are they good.

A boy with strawberry blonde hair groped around the hospital, desperately trying to his room. But they all looked the same, and felt the same, and how could he find it when he couldn't see the signs? Accidents happen, but he figured God really hated him. Why couldn't he see anymore?

Someone grabbed his arm, and he gasped slightly. "It's me, Dr. O'Neill."

"I can't find my room."

"I know, I'm here. I'll take you back." She put both hands on his shoulders, guiding him back to his room. "Don't worry, Reese. You'll be able to go home tomorrow." She said, sitting the boy down.

"… Do I have to go to a special school?"

"I'm afraid so." Dr. O'Neill sighed. "Well, you'll learn lots of things you'll need to know that other kids won't." She sighed. First, she had to tell a 16-year-old he'd never see again, and now she has to tell the same boy he'll never be in the same school as his friends again.

"How am I supposed to meet people?" Reese asked, irritatedly.

"Reese…" She sighed. "I don't know. For now, you'll have to let them meet you."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"… Think about it." She said, walking towards the door. "I'll go get things ready for tomorrow."


Sitting on his balcony, staring down at the boy groping around in the yard, Chris blinked. He didn't hear his mother calling him; he never had. He just unknowingly sat there; eating his Bugles and watching the blind boy grope around. His mother touched his shoulder and he looked up at her, as she spelled: W-H-A-T A-R-E Y-O-U W-A-T-C-H-I-N-G? Chris just pointed down at the blind boy, who fell. Chris stood up abruptly, and ran out of his apartment, down the stairs and held up the boy.

"Thank you." Reese sighed, feeling the face of his helper. He didn't know this boy and the boy pulled Reese's hands down, and Reese blinked. "I was just seeing who you were!"

Chris blinked at the boy and brought his hand to his ear. The boy blinked his mouth moving, and Chris spelled D-E-A-F. "Deaf." He knew he couldn't talk right but maybe the blind boy would understand what he's trying to say.

"… Deaf? Oh you can't hear me…" Reese sighed, feeling stupid. "… I wish I knew how to talk to you."

"Tell me and I'll interpret." A man put his hand on Reese's shoulder and Reese turned his head towards the hand, feeling it.

"Um… can you tell him I said sorry?"

"You tell him." The man took Reese's hand and put it on top of his. "Feel what I'm making my hands into, and mimic it."

"… Okay…" Reese said, unsurely. He felt the man's hand.

"S." The man made a fist. "O." He made a circle with his fingers. "R." He crossed his middle finger over the index. "R." He pushed on Reese's hand, with the same 'r' motion as before. "Y." He closed his fist, but put his thumb and pinky out. He grabbed Chris' hand, putting it on Reese's. "Spell it."

"… S. O. R. R. Y." Reese said, mimicking the man's movements. He heard sort of a grunt from the boy across from him guessing it was a laugh. The other boy put his hand under Reese's, slowly making letters with his hand.

"He's spelling his name for you." The man said, and Reese sighed, feeling Chris' hand as he did it. "I'll tell you what they spell."

Chris made almost a circle with his hand, like the 'O' but open.

"C." The man said.

Chris put his index and middle fingers together.


Chris put his middle finger over the index finger.


Chris simply pointed his pinky up.


Finally, the boy made a fist with his thumb in front of it.

"S. What's his name, boy?" The man asked, interestedly.

Chris spelled it into Reese's hand again. "C. H. R. I. S. Chris… His name is Chris!" Reese said, smiling excitedly, suddenly interested as well. "Teach me how to spell my name, Mister!"

"My name is Mark, not Mister. --; I hate that. Anyway," he put Reese's hand over his. "Tell me how to spell your name."

"It's Reese. R. E. E. S. E."

"R." The 'r' sign, Reese had already memorized it. "E." Next, Mark's thumb was over his palm, his fingers pulled back. "Another 'E'." Mark pushed at Reese's hand. "S." Reese has already memorized the 's', too. "E." The 'e' sign. "Spell it to him." Mark said excitedly, putting Chris' hand over Reese's again.

"R. E. E. S… no," Reese shook his head and made the correct 'S' sign, "S, E." He liked this name game. It was fun, and he was talking to a deaf person… he never had done that before. It was something new…

Chris put Reese's hand over his own and spelled 'Reese' again. Reese nodded. Mark looked over as a blonde woman walked up, looking confused. "Reese, what are you—"

"Shh." Mark said, looking at her. "They're talking."

"Talking? They're not saying anything!"

"It's a different language. One you don't know." Mark watched as Reese spelled 'see' into Chris' hand, then put his hand over Chris' eyes, making him feel the grass. "Now they're looking around together…"

"My son can't see." The woman grabbed Reese's arm and yanked him up. "Don't pretend he can!! You give him too much hope!" She snapped, dragging Reese away.

"Mom?!" Reese blinked, reaching up to feel his mother's face. She kneeled down, making him face her.

"Don't ever let anybody make you believe something that never was or never will be!" She guided him gently up the stairs, opening the door to their apartment.

"But Mom, they didn't tell me I'd see!"

"That man said you were looking around. You know you can't do that."

"… Yes I can." Reese said, pulling his arm away when she took it. "I just see with my hands, that all. And Chris talks with his hands, too! Watch me." He held out his arms, feeling his way to the couch. His mother followed, but didn't touch him.

"… Reese…" She sighed, and walked to the kitchen to start dinner.

"Can I go back?"



"Because you'll get hurt."

"No I won't."

"… No."


"Don't argue with me!" She shrieked, and Reese made his way to the balcony. "Reese!"

"I know where the railing is! I just want to sit outside!!" He snapped, sitting next to the bars. He'd get out. He'd get away from his mother. She'd never keep him in here. Because he wanted to learn and to teach Chris more.

Chris watch blankly, not hearing the conversation. 'What did I do'

'Nothing' Mark signed back.

A long pause. 'What did Reese do'

'I do not know'

'Will we see him again'

'I do not know that either'

Another pause. 'I want to be his teacher for the deaf I want him to be my teacher for the blind'

Mark didn't reply to that. He sighed and helped Chris up. 'Dinner'

Okay, first thing. I know it seems like suddenly they're best friends—because they are. Understand that Chris can't hear anyone, and usually people don't take the time to learn sign language, and that Reese can't see, and people usually feel more pity towards the blind than the deaf. Reese's friends probably all nearly abandoned him, or they just don't get to see him much. And Chris probably never made many friends in the first place, and he's extremely thrilled when Reese wants to "talk" to him.

Second, Reese describes signing as a 'game'. He can't see their hands, and at first he's thinks Chris is just playing with him. Until Mark tells him it's a word, he doesn't get it.

Third, I know his mom seems like a bitch, but she feels guilty for what happened to Reese. More on that later.

Fourth, hee hee really long notes eh? Anyway, 'TEXT' means what Chris, Mark, Reese, etc. are spelling. There's no punctuation, at the moment, because in sign language there IS not punctuation. At least… I'm pretty sure there isn't. o.O Yell at me if I'm wrong. I give you permission. XD There will be punctuation later, because that's all that Chris and Reese do, because Chris can't hear Reese. But it'll still be in single quotation marks ('').

Oooh, 5 pages. :D longest chappie ever. In my whole life. Ever. XD