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Chris sighed, as he stared out on his balcony. He hadn't seen his friend—Reese was it?—in ages. He saw Mark walking up, but the lady from before ran up.

"Mark, my son told me your name… you could… teach him things?"

"What things?"

"How to get around? How different things feel? How to meet new friends?"

"I could. But those are things… he should learn. On his own." Mark emphasized the last piece.

"… He won't. He refuses to do anything, but when he met that boy… he seemed so happy. I'm sorry for freaking out on you like that but… I'm afraid to give him the hope that someday he'll see."

"He knows he won't be able to. So don't fear anything."

"But I can't teach him anything. He refuses to learn, to get up to go to school, could you teach him? Maybe… if he could interact with someone else he's already friendly with it would… help."

"I bet it would. But my hands are full teaching a deaf boy. It would be like… teaching Helen Keller."


"Eh, nevermind. Bring the boy out. If you want, I'll teach him. But after a week, if he still refuses to learn, I'm done."

"All right." Reese's mother sighed in relief. "Thank you." She ran to her apartment, and Mark motion for Chris to come down. Chris blinked, looking surprised, then ran down to see Mark.

'We have a new student.'

'We do?'

'The boy from before.'


'Yes. I want you to get along and teach each other.'

'Teach what?'

"… Figure that out yourself." Mark spoke, putting a hand on Chris' head, and Chris blinked. Had Mark forgotten he couldn't hear? Or maybe he was playing a game?

Reese came out quickly, groping around, and Mark held out his arm and Reese touched it, feeling the face. "Mark."

"Very good. Who's this?" He put Reese's hands to Chris' face and Chris, not understanding, pushed them away. Reese put his hands back up and Chris pushed them away, only this time getting smacked on the back of his hand by Mark. Chris stopped pushing them, and Reese reached up again.

"… It's Chris!" He hugged Chris under the arms, around his chest, resting his head on Chris' chest.

"You'll be staying with us for a while." Mark told Reese. "And I'm moving you both to my house. And you'll sleep in the attic."

"An attic? But I can't get up there." Reese said, opening his sightless eyes, but he didn't let go of Chris, who looked dumbfounded.

"I'll help. Chris'll help. You won't have to come down or anything, I'll give you everything. It's a big attic so you can stand up and move around. There's tons of stuff in it but it's all pushed against the wall so if you want to try and guess what it is, look for a wall."


"Yes, look."

"I can't see." Reese said, slightly coldly.

"Yes you can. Just differently than Chris and I do. Come on, we're leaving."

"What—this is stupid!"


"You are, under no circumstances to leave the attic. Understand?" Mark said, leading Reese up.

"Fine. Will I be alone?"

"No. You and Chris are staying together for a week."


"So you can learn from each other."


"I want you to talk to him." Mark sat Reese down on a bed, and Chris ran past Mark and jumped on the other bed. He'd been there before and he loved the attic. Mark said he'd put another bed in there for Reese. Another week at Mark's, but this time he had a friend.

Mark turned to Chris. 'Teach him your language.' And with that, Mark left. Chris blinked then grinned and jumped on Reese's bed, next to the other boy. Reese gasped as the mattress suddenly went down, but smiled as Chris took his hand.

'C. H. R. I. S.' Chris spelled his name once slowly, then again quickly. 'Chris.'

'C. H. R. I. S.' Reese mimicked. 'R. E. E. S. E. Reese.'

'A.' Reese blinked, and Chris looked around, picking up a fake apple. 'A. P. P. L. E.'

Reese took the fake plastic apple, feeling it. "Apple." He said out loud, then reached for Chris' hand again. Chris spelled it again.

'A. P. P. L. E.' Chris spelled, and Reese mimicked. They did this a few times, then Chris took the plastic apple from Reese. He grabbed a baseball bat, and took Reese's hand again. 'B.' Reese mimicked. 'B. A. T.' Chris handed Reese the bat.

This went on for hours, and Reese learned every letter of the alphabet. Chris had grabbed different objects in the attic, trying to get Reese to understand the letters.


Two days hadpassed by.

"Eve." Mark said, opening the door, seeing Reese's mother.

"Mark, how is he?" She asked as Mark let her in.

"Good." Mark led her to a couch. "Chris is good, too. Chris can tell what's, say, a wood floor from a tile floor. He couldn't before. Not that it would help. But!" Eve looked at him eagerly. "Reese and Chris can talk to each other. They're so close to each other now. Chris refuses to let me take Reese away for a bath or something. He gets so mad, but eventually gives in. And vise versa, for Reese."

"I can't believe this works…"

"It's fun for them. It's healthy for them." He laughed slightly. "I feel like a male version of Annie Sullivan, and they're my little Helen Keller boys."

"… What?"

"Helen Keller… Annie Sullivan… uh… never mind." Mark sighed. "I hope you won't mind if they keep each other."

"Keep each other?"

"I don't think they'll want to be apart."

"… What do you mean?"

"Come back after a week and you'll see."

Eve nodded and stood up. "I'm afraid I have to go."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"… I'll come back for Reese after a week. And I want my baby back."

"We'll see." Mark said, and Eve slammed the door in his face as she walked out.


Mark slowly climbed the stairs to the attic, to tell the boys to go to bed. He found he didn't have to; Chris was asleep on Reese bed, with his head in Reese's lap, and Reese was lying on his back, his feet hanging off the sides of the bed. Mark smiled and walked back down the stairs, quietly so he didn't wake Reese.

After a long and quiet night, Reese rubbed his eyes as he awoke. He felt around for Chris, and when he got there, Chris took his hand. 'Good morning.'

Reese smiled; he still remembered the alphabet. 'Morning.' He spelled back. He felt something soft on his hand, and blushed. Chris kissed his hand…

'Mark brought breakfast.'

'… Reslly?' A pause. Reese shook his head, and then spelled again. 'I mean really'

'Yes.' Chris gently took Reese's hand and guided him to the table Mark set up for them. He put Reese's hands on the edge of the plate and they sat next to each other, eating with their usual silence.

Reese found Chris' hand when he was done. 'What will we do today?'

'I do not know.'

'I guess there is nothing else to learn.'

Reese felt a pause and suddenly an unsure jolt from Chris. Hesitation? 'Learn this.' Chris signed, and Reese blinked confusedly.

'C.' Reese copied.






























Now Chris spelled it word by word. 'Chris'





'Reese' Reese blinked. He was too wrapped up in the letters and words to figure out the phrase. So Chris spelled it all at once, fustrated.

'Chris loves Reese' and then Reese felt something press against his lips as Chris kissed him softly. An extremely long pause. Chris, who was normally used to silence, now found it eerie without movement.

'And Reese loves Chris.' Chris was slightly shocked as Reese returned the kiss. Neither of them noticed Mark, who walked up to check on them and then back down. He smiled at Eve.

"Reese doesn't want to go back with you."

"What? Why?!"

"See for yourself." Mark stood aside and Eve climbed the ladder. She gasped slightly and put her hand to her chest. The gasp and sudden movements drew Reese and Chris' attentions away from each other. Chris recognized her at once, and pulled Reese to his chest quickly andtightly. Reese blinked.



'Mine or yours?'

'You' Chris didn't feel like spelling out big words and such. Reese twitched horribly and held onto Chris tightly.

"Reese!" Eve sighed and looked down at Mark. "…"

"You'll still get to see him." Mark said.

"Fine. If I don't have any other choice." She looked at Reese who was smiling as he held Chris. "He's actually smiling again." Eve said as Mark helped her down.

"If you really want to be that close to him, you can stay with us."

Eve smiled. "I read up on who Helen Keller was. I guess they really are your—"


"—Our little Helen Keller boys."

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