Wisdom Of The Heart

I am but a simple high school boy, but I have contemplated and wrestled with myself, and in

doing so have stumbled upon some principles that I hold very dear and wanted to share with the

rest of the writing community. First, you shall find no truth in me, all I tell you is a lie. And I say

also that any one who has walked this earth is also a liar, unless they be divine. For all truth is

too deep and too meaning full to be contained in the words we use to express them. I believe all

these things with every fiber in my being. A man must live by his word and do what little he can

as best as he can. For in this world the good man is destined to fail but he must go down

fighting. That is victory. To do anything less is to be less than honorable. The hero's biggest

secret is this: To be a hero, one needs not to be invincible, but have an unbreakable will and a

steadfast heart. Perceive the world through your heart, for therein lies true wisdom. Do not seek

to please the every whim of the flesh, but rather take care of the eternal soul first. Listen to your

heart, for in it lives the hero in all of us. When defeated, lose with honor, for most conquerors the

best part of their victory and the most fulfillment they get is from seeing your broken spirit.

Honor is dead, except it lives in those who walk aloof from the living. To live is to love, nothing

More, nothing less. No man who seeks divinity shall find it, but rather those who seek humanity

Shall find divinity. Hate no one, for hate festers and destroys one's soul. Love is the willingness

To sacrifice for someone. The heart is never destroyed, it is made stronger by ever wound.