Romeo fumbles inside the shadow of the olive colored sky

a cigarette between his fingers

more ash now then drag.

I close my eyes


what time is it

now that I've awoken

to find its day

without the hesitation of night

coming dreamily over the horizon.

He puffs

and huffs;

his notebook filling

with words about me

I can feel his pen hit the paper

as though he were composing

his beautiful verses

across my belly


of a lovely song

I once heard.

"What is it that you see?"

I don't hesitate to tell him the truth;

I am

after all

bold with him.

"Be bolder!"

And I kissed him


the blanket

of curls

fall over his face;

I can taste the nicotine on his lips;

on his lips

I dance


in my two-step I can feel the impression of his next verse

which he scribbles

on his page

between kisses.

It begins to rain

all too suddenly

in the kind of way that it is summer one minute

and autumn the next.

The sky cannot seem to find its true place

in my eyes


and I leave him only to finish what he has already started.

I feel like a teenager again with him





I squeeze my heels back on

-I love the way that they click on his floor-

and emboldened

I open all of the windows

to feel

the cold

between my fingertips

and my toes.

The scent of newness

is in the air

I can smell it


as though my favorite dessert were being baked in the next room.

I'm too alive today

I know it well enough

and I do not dare pick up a pen


that my heart

and all of its contents

would fall from my lips and on to the page,

I am afraid to loose them.


in all of his beauty

watches the rain

fall from the sky



from the frame of mind

of a kinder god.

Back in his room

I kiss him once more

suddenly wanting

to run


my hair wild

in the streets with him

but this room alone will do.

His kiss is strong

and within it

I find strength.