The Connection of Nature

The days of spring grow longer

For the transformation of summer

Soon to come the days will grow

To long, hot, never-ending nights

Sharing with close friends we think we'll keep

But things come by like a cool rainfall

And wake us of our dreams

The shatter in small piece

Just has the rain hits the ocean

The beauty of the sun gone

Left with the beauty of a fresh rain

Bringing to life the living organisms

The life of plants and small creatures

Sprouting love and magnificence

Splendor all around from the buds of life

Just as new relationships begin

So do the lives of roses

As love, lust or moreā€¦

The roses have their own connection

With the flash of our eyes and lens blink

We capture the moment of beauty in our mind

Just as we would a kiss

Our human connection is a natural state

Just as any other being