My Desire

She was near me, and so I was scared,

Fear of rejection, it's my only fear,

Would say how I feel, but she might not care,

Room crowded with girls, but she's the only one there,

Bursting with feelings, just my mouth, it's no where near,

Have daydreams of me and her being together,

My hand holding hers, nothing could be better,

God pat me on the back, just when I met her,

No one will believe me, but I'm too shy to speak up,

All the girls that I know, it must be luck,

This desire of mine has got to be real,

Only the desire for her could make me kneel,

Protective at first, but now my heart I wield,

Just to be with her, my fate has been sealed,

From desire to my actions, oh let it be real,

Stand at a distance, too scared to be too close,

Almost said hello, but I choked up the froze,

Desire, not for sex, but her for me to hold,

Caress her skin, not just what's under her clothes,

Follow what I feel, but how I feel, she don't know,

Want you so bad, it hurts that I can't talk,

Our minds integrated, is what I sought,

No time to think, you're in my mind all day,

Love you in my heart, though the words I can't say,

To be with you, any dues I would pay.