The Choices That We Make
So there I was
standing on that narrow ledge
the edge of a cliff
and a solid wall of rock behind me
and the wind was blowing wildly
trying to sweep me off my feet
and make me fall into the ocean
and drown in the black waters of the sea
standing boldly but all alone
it's hard to keep your footing
so much easier to fall
but giving up on life
is something I will never do
I may be tired, lonely, sick of it
but if I have that wall to cling to
I will always keep my head
find a way along that ledge
that leads me to a safer place
the rock will help me when I need it
or let me do things on my own
it will hold me up forever
so that I may avoid the silent sea
it is the hard way
but the choice was made by me.

TMK 4.3.2005