A Little Bit Too Late
I called him on the telephone,
and I told him, "Hey, it's me.
I just needed someone to listen to -
wanted to hear somebody's voice."
He talked and told me about his day,
he made me laugh despite my sorrow,
and I told myself, "Maybe, this time,
I can do it - I'll really tell him."
And then he asked me for advice
about this girl he'd really like to date,
and I was so glad he couldn't see my face.
If he heard the bittersweetness in my voice,
he didn't say a word;
He thanked me and hung up the phone,
and I lamely did the same.
It always seemed to happen, just like this.
I wasted myself, loving in silence.
But I just lost my only chance.
He came to see me later -
to ask me for a date, no less.
But no one knew where I had gone.
I didn't know he loved me -
my own love made me blind.
And he came just a little bit too late.

TMK 4.19.2005